Thursday, October 19, 2006

Nine Weird Things About Me

Morgen tagged me with a meme today, so here we go...
(Heh! And I thought it was going to be something hard!)
1. When I was in college, my favorite color was bright fluorescent neon yellow.
2. I once had homemade ice cream that was LAVENDER flavored. I liked it! It tasted just like the scent of lavender. I'd love to try it again sometime, but the person who made it doesn't seem to have the recipe anymore.
3. When I was younger, I hated listening to the news. I thought it was dull and boring and totally inapplicable to MY life. Now, I'm almost the opposite. I'm an NPR junkie. I listen to news and Public Radio shows all the time. One of the local NPR stations has a live news feed from the BBC news in London all night long (from 10pm to 5am). I love listening to that right before bed.
4. Back when I lived in town and had cable TV (and could afford cable TV), I could easily watch The Weather Channel for 8 hours straight. Especially during hurricane season!
5. I hate maple syrup. All my waffles and pancakes and french toast must be topped with butter ONLY.
6. Irish-looking guys with bright red hair and freckles? LOVE that. Love it!!! Love guys with red hair.
7. I can't stand kids but I love the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes.
8. One of my favorite pasta dishes contains only three ingredients: Warm pasta tossed with tabasco sauce and coated with grated parmesan cheese. I "invented" this dish when I was about 10 years old and have been loving it ever since.
9. Right now I'm craving lime sherbet with cherry sundae topping.

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Christine said...

total agreement on the C&H love!

And you wanna hear something weird (heh. of course)?

I almost listed my slavish devotion to Calvin&Hobbes on my Weird 9!