Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I wonder if the aliens can view JPG images...

Starting today, Tuesday October 10th, people can submit text, sounds, video, and images to Yahoo's "Time Capsule" project. The stuff we submit will then be broadcast into outer space from the Pyramid Of The Sun in Mexico, so extraterrestrials can enjoy the sights and sounds of the weirdness we call Earth.
Hey, would I make this stuff up?
Here's the article...
So start making recordings of your best farts, and get those photoshopped pictures ready, 'cause here's your chance to share it all with the entire cosmos.
Notice how it says a similar project was done in the 1970's by Carl Sagan. What, may you ask, did he choose as the sights/sounds to represent our planet? Dolphins? Waterfalls? McDonalds commercials? No, of course not; he chose a Mariachi band!!
(No WONDER the aliens want to probe us.)

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Anonymous said...

I think we should all photoshop our faces onto a picture of Elvis in his 1970s jumpsuits. That should keep the aliens away for a while!! Oh yeah, thanks for using my Chewbacca idea for Morgen