Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The secret night-life of Ritz crackers

Here's an ice cream flavor you haven't heard of... "Puttin On The Ritz."
"Chocolate-covered Ritz crackers, gooey caramel and vanilla ice cream".
Here's the article.
Ugh. Somehow, I'm just not quite convinced that's a good idea. I tend to think of Ritz crackers as something savory, with cheddar cheese or dip. I generally don't put it in the realm of "dessert ingredients", though I've heard of it being used in things such as "mock apple pie", where Ritz crackers are used in place of the actual apples. That seems awfully strange. (As Frasier once said with delightful sarcasm, "Oh, good; nothing ruins an apple pie like APPLES!")
So does this mean Baskin-Robbins is going to upgrade to 32 flavors now? :)
Curious about the whole Ritz-chocolate combination, I did some research and found this page. Scroll about halfway down and you can see a picture and recipe for "Chocolate Peanut Butter Ritz Cracker Thingys."
(Mmmmm... 'thingys'.)


Anonymous said...

Andy Griffith is gonna be pissed!!

Anonymous said...

LOL Matt-man!

I love Ritz crackers. I love apple pie. Mock apple pie should be sent to North Korea and nuked.

I'm with you on the Ritz needs to be kept as a savory snackie and not an ice cream flavor --- blech.

Janna said...

Matt-man: Hey, if ol'Andy has a problem with this, I'll just photoshop his head onto Aunt Bea or something. That should shut him up. LOL.
Hey, um, is Andy Griffith still alive???
Morgen: If we send mock apple pie to North Korea, they're definitely going to bomb us!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Sheriff Taylor is still kickin'...