Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What a difference a letter makes

Here's why I'm proud to be from Michigan.
Up in Grand Haven, in Ottawa County, they're going to have to re-print 170,000 ballots because of a typo.
It'll cost $40,000.00.
Best of all, here's the typo: They left the "L" out of the word "PUBLIC." :)


Christine said...


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm...was there a Mark Foley wannabe on the ballot?

Anonymous said...

::insert clever comment here about appropriateness of combining misprint and politicians in general::

Anonymous said...

wow can you imagine what they could've done with the 40 grand instead?

personally, I would have let the ballot run -- better to get a handful of complaint call AFTER the election & issue an apology than spend FORTY thousand dollars for a missing L

oh, what a world!

Anonymous said...

What makes it more funny is that area is known for its straight-laced Christian Reformed folks!

Barb said...

Yeah.. what onionboy said =)