Wednesday, September 6, 2006

She's Alive.... Sort of

Hey... it's me...
I'm still here.
In an admirable spirit of democracy, my brain has decided to offer "Equal Opportunity" headaches. Last week it was on the RIGHT side, this week it's on the LEFT.
If one interprets this politically, one could say last week I felt like I was being stomped by an elephant, whereas this week I'm being kicked by a donkey.
Back when I (a) had a doctor and (b) could afford medication, there was this wonderful prescription stuff called FROVA. It worked wonders on my migraines. Obliterated them completely. It was amazing. Other migraine meds worked too, like Relpax, Avert, and Zomig. Curiously enough, the number-one selling migraine medication, Imitrex, did NOTHING for me. It didn't work at all, and sometimes even seemed to make the pain/nausea worse.
So of COURSE the only prescription migraine medication my health card would cover was... you guessed it... Imitrex. If I was rich beyond my wildest dreams I'd gladly pay cash for the Frova. It works beautifully, but it costs about a hundred bucks for nine pills.
Yeah, believe it or not. About ten bucks per pill.
Isn't that terrible?
One more gripe before I go lay down: "Excedrin Migraine" is nothing more than regular Excedrin with fancy packaging. Look at the ingredients.
Ok. Enough of my pharmaceutical misery.
I'll try to be more entertaining next time.


Morgen said...

Hey, at least I'm glad you're alive.
I am WAY sympathetic with the headache crap.
I'm thinking amputation may be the way to go for me.
Glad you're back amongst the blogging.
♥ ~mo

STAK said...

aren't we ALL being stomped by elephants and kicked by donkeys?........feel better......

Matt-Man said...

George Bush thought he had a migraine once. Turned out it was just a thought.

Momma R said...

Oh my gosh! Yes, I've read the packaging and yes. There no difference! Just more ways to get into our pocketbooks!

Janna said...

Morgen: Don't amputate your skull, please. Or if you do, at least save it in one of those big pickle jars for the rest of us to admire.

Stak: Just send me a couple crates of Frova and I'll agree with anything you say... I may even watch football. (No, wait... not that).

Matt-Man: LOL!!!! True!

Momma R: I know, isn't it awful? And the "marketing geniuses" get PAID to come up with ideas like that... ugh!