Thursday, September 7, 2006

Random Thoughts

Hey! I was getting all excited about the cooler autumn days and the pleasant chilliness, and then Mother Nature pulls a cruel joke like this on me.
It got up in the mid-80's today.
The 80's were a great decade with great music, but not a good number to see on the thermometer.
Here are a few random thoughts:
1) Yesterday I went to Broad Street Market in Hillsdale, in hopes that they still carried the Jay's Extra Hot Stuff potato chips. Imagine my horror when I realized they had none! None at all! Not even a blank spot on the rack where they USED to be! I thought about asking the cashier-lady about them, but was too worried about looking/sounding peculiar. (As if that's ever bothered me before).
2) Also, while in line at the market, I was casually looking behind the counter at all the bottles of liquor/wine stacked up against the wall. Having nothing better to do while the cashier rang up my stuff, I tried scanning the bottles for "Wild Irish Rose". (Kind of an alcoholic version of "Where's Waldo") I could've sworn it was there last time, but not this time! Matt-man, were you there just before I arrived???
3) I hate Wild Irish Rose... (Sorry, Matt-man; it's true, please forgive me.) This is because it was the first thing I ever got D-R-U-N-K on, back in college. Yeccchhh. It was also the source of my very first hangover, and my realization that perhaps this whole drunken reveling was not all it was cracked up to be. I rarely drink nowadays. It happens, don't get me wrong, but it's rare. The "tipsy-ness" is nice, but I can do without the headaches and the barfing and the waking up next to hairy dwarves with pointy toenails and bad breath... (oh, wait... maybe that was my cat.)
4) Bizarre thing... remember the post where I said my car's "Check Engine" light was on? Well, for no apparent reason, it's OFF now. Just like that! And I didn't even DO anything! Wow! Wonder what that was all about?


Kyle said...

First time I got drunk was on half a litre of Jose Cuervo. It was a good night, and still don't mind it today every once in a while.

Matt-Man said...

No apologies needed Janna. Because even if YOU hate the Rose, the Rose loves YOU....

Have a Good Weekend

STAK said...

Peach schnapps was the culprit in my case.........and i have loathed its very existence since........besides, beer is much more manly.......

Christine said...

Coulda been gas fumes or a loose gas cap making your car think it had engine trouble.
That's what they told me, before.

Morgen said...

ya Janna -- quit eating taco bell is what Christine is trying to tell you! Those gas fumes will play havoc with all wiring systems!!!

as for drinking, well, you know I don't drink now... but did I ever tell you about the Pink Champagne incident?