Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's also possible an alien is trying to escape from my larynx

For some reason, I woke up with a weird rash on my neck, right in the middle of my throat. It looks sorta like someone tried murdering me in my sleep with a scouring pad.

Possible benefits to this:

1.  If I am coming down with some new and unusual disease, perhaps they can name it after me.  Jannaitis, maybe.  Or Janna-Brillo syndrome.  Or Jannakemia.  (Anything except Jannarrhea.)

2.  Perhaps as I am lingering in the hospital, surviving on a diet of jello and weak chicken broth, someone can convince Mike Mills to come visit me.  I can tell him how much I've loved his music, and I can spend my final words trying to make him feel guilty for never answering the only fan letter I ever sent.

3.  Hey, it's a welcome distraction from the depressing holiday season.

I feel ok, actually; I just wish I knew why the center of my throat has a big red rash on it,  Big dark red splotch, disturbingly noticeable.  Looks almost like a hickey, but it isn't.


P.S. Mike Mills turns 54 on December 17th.

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