Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Number one is probably the most important

Things I can do while the rain pours and pours and pours outside:

1.  Not go outside

2.  Drink orange soda

3.  Tell the cats to stop fighting

4.  Realize I shouldn't have had such a large order of nachos for dinner

5.  Stare at all the pretty colors on the radar map

P.S.  I realize you're all still probably reeling in disgust, but feel free to comment on yesterday's post.


Shawn said...

I was going to A: post in a weather map of my area and 2: add to your list.
But your comment screen doesn't permit pictures and I have no ideas.
But if I must I must.
-Watch TV
-Comment on my blog posts from November 2011.

Anonymous said...

Your plinko game hates me to night!

nonamedufus said...

Laundry. You could do your laundry. Especially if you spilled nachos on your blouse.

Janna said...

Shawn: Ah! November 2011... Was that a particularly good vintage of posts? I'll have to see...

Grace: It hates me too!

nonamedufus: Funny you should mention that...