Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Various Thoughts

1.  One incident of extremely bad customer service can ruin an otherwise semi-pleasant day.

2.  I think Michael Keaton was my favorite Batman.  Is that ok?

3.  You've heard of viewing the world through rose-colored glasses? I'm craving pizza so much right now that I'm viewing the world through pepperoni slices.  Sadly, this makes it really hard to type.

4.  Speaking of having a hard time seeing, I have an appointment next month to get my eyes checked.  You may remember my resigned sense of chagrin three years ago (here and here) when I learned I needed bifocals.  Alas, my eyes have gotten even worse and it's harder than ever to read.  It's kind of embarrassing to admit this, but in order to see well enough to read a book without squinting, I have to wear a pair of strong reading glasses OVER my bifocals and look through two lenses at once.

5.  When I first got glasses at the age of 12, my dad teased me by saying "Boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses."  Since I'm still single at the age of 42, it appears he was correct.


Shawn said...

1 One incident of extremely good customer service can change everything.

2 I agreed until Batman Begins came out in '05.

3 And gets grease spots on your pants.

4 I went to the doctor sure that I couldn't see and he told me that my vision was almost perfect. He did recommend a good psychologist though.

5 Glasses are sophisticating.

Janna said...

1. I hope so.
2. That's the one with Christian Bale, right? I saw that one. It was ok. I still am inclined to prefer Michael Keaton. Maybe it's the fact that he looks like he has more of a sense of humor.
3. And my eyelashes.
4. Fortunately for me, glasses are cheaper than therapy.
5. Try convincing the single guys in Michigan.