Thursday, December 8, 2011

Various Thoughts

1. On Wednesday I twittered/tweeted that I was so cold I could pee ice cubes and sell them for a dollar a bag. If anyone is interested, let me know. Shipping might be a problem.

2. In case you're curious, I've returned more bottles in hopes of eventually being able to buy the new R.E.M. CD.
The total amount I've saved is now $10.70. (I went through my whole house and picked up every empty bottle I could find, including a big bag of them I'd been meaning to take back for a long, long time.)

3. Since I'm saving empty bottles/cans to pay for my R.E.M. CD, I'm drinking a lot of diet pop lately.
(That's ok; it'll help me make more ice cubes.)
I've always wondered if the chemicals in diet pop are actually worse for you than the sugar you'd get if you just went ahead and drank the regular kind. But I don't dare, because I'm still trying to lose more weight and I don't want to gain back any of the 114 pounds I've lost.
There are pessimists who believe diet pop actually makes people gain weight, in which case the human race is screwed either way.

4. It would be really, really cool if the diet pop chemicals made me gain mutant superpowers. I hope I get to fly. It would save me a lot of money on gas. On the other hand, this time of year the wind chill would probably kill me. (Unless I had "cold tolerance" as another superpower, but I have no idea how much additional diet pop I'd have to drink to get that).

5. I had garlic beef & bean burritos for dinner Wednesday night. Homemade. Yum.
Just think of the superpowers THOSE could give me.


nonamedufus said...

You know i'd be wary if you got mutant super powers, could fly and pee ice cubes. And then someone would tell me to "Look...up in the sky..." and I'd poke my eye out. You know what, Janna? Urine a lot of trouble.

Anonymous said...

Pee cubes, garlic breath and bean farts - Hmmm...

Janna said...

nonamedufus: Your last sentence made me laugh out loud. :)

Grace: Of course!

Stanthrax said...

Congratulations on losing the 114 pounds! That is an accomplishment that many people don't do. As for being able to pee ice cubes. You may already have the super powers you need. Go out and catch a "bad guy". Once you receive the reward money from that you can finally buy your REM CD. :-)

Good luck.

Janna said...

Stanthrax: Thank you! :) As of right now, I've lost a total of 118 lbs. Hard to imagine!