Thursday, October 13, 2011

Various Thoughts

1. If someone, any one at all, anybody on the planet could help with this, I would reeeaalllly be grateful.

2. It's almost 2:00 in the morning right now and I stayed up way too late. Well, I just realized I have to get up two hours earlier than usual in the morning because I have to drive my mother into work. Gah. I will be a zombie tomorrow. Please don't hate me if I sneak up on you and eat your brain.

To the car with the Florida license plate who insisted on driving 40mph in a 55 zone Wednesday morning:
Will take.
Very long.
Drive back to.
Going that.


nonamedufus said...

1. I have Safari. What are you talking about?

2. I thought you said you might eat my bran. No problem. Take it all.

3. The majority of Floridians are senior Canadians. Please be kind, eh.

00dozo said...

1. When I had Blogger issues (while using Exploder) some time ago, I temporarily switched to Google Chrome to work around the bugs and have since made Chrome my main browser. I've never used Firefox so, sorry, I can't help you there.

2. It'll cost ya a few bucks to sneak up upon me to eat my brain, but you're welcome to try!

3. Considering it is autumn, Floridians probably believe that, if they drive slow enough, they may actually witness leaves turning colour.


meleah rebeccah said...

I wish I could help, but I use Wordpress.

And good luck to that slow-ass Florida driver!

Janna said...

nonamedufus: I will gladly take all your bran if you're willing to ship it down here to Michigan.

00dozo: If they drive slowly enough, they can witness the entire life cycle of the tree from sprouting until death. I think this person was trying.

meleah: I have one blog on Wordpress, but I have to admit I prefer Blogger. It seems so much more user-friendly. This problem has got to be with Firefox, since it didn't show up until it updated to the new version. Frustrating.

Anonymous said...

I just realized that you are not updating in my reader or on my blog roll - so something is wrong with your feed somewhere along the line - mine or yours I don't know.

Janna said...

Grace: I have no idea how any of that feed stuff works... I just sort of leave it alone to do its thing. Kind of like intestinal bacteria.
Hope it gets fixed soon.

Anonymous said...

It's fixed!

Janna said...

Grace: Ooooh! Excellent. And I didn't even have to do anything. If only all of life's other problems could be resolved so easily.