Thursday, September 22, 2011

R.I.P to R.E.M.

I'll miss the music," admitted Peter.

"I'll miss doing the videos," added Michael.

They both looked over at Mike. "What about you?"

Mike sighed. "I guess I'll miss that weird chick in Michigan who daydreamed about swimming in my favorite beer while singing all my harmony parts."

"Oh, you mean Janna?"

"Shhhh. She'll hear you."


In case you didn't figure it out, today's 55 was a tribute to R.E.M, who decided to break up last Wednesday after 31 years. You know from my previous post that I'm heartbroken about that. I loved their music, and I loved them. Especially Mike Mills. I loved his musical proficiency and creativity, his mild-tempered easygoing nature, his adorable nerdiness, his wonderful voice, and the great kindness which seemed to be ever-present in his eyes.

R.I.P. to my favorite band, R.E.M.
You meant more to me than I can currently articulate when the wounds are still so fresh and raw.
It's nice to be in a community of R.E.M. fans over at Murmurs, people who are also grieving right along with me.


Monkey Man said...

This really hit you hard.

Janna said...

Monkey Man: It did indeed.

Brian Miller said...

a sad day indeed....

G-Man said...

Just as well, I've already lost My Religion.
Loved your 55 Janna
Thanks for playing, You are like finding that last Xanex in the bottom of your purse(or briefcase)just before boarding a flight to California!
Have a Kick Ass Week-End

moondustwriter said...

janna - go for the beer swim and shed a tear or two

hugs girl

Janna said...

Brian: Very.

G-Man: Thanks for visiting, as always. :)

moondustwriter: I've already shed a tear or two. Or three or four. Mike hasn't delivered the beer yet, but I remain hopeful.

izzy said...

Cool! thanks-

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

Rather than mourn their break-up, celebrate their career and music. It's more positive and fitting for them. Nice 55, Janna!

Margaret said...

That was funny - glad you have kept your humor.

Hey, and you can make them very happy when their new album "The BEST of" comes out... again.

Going out on top is a great strategy.

Morning said...

smart 55.

loved your writing, cool word play.

Doctor FTSE said...

If any of REM read your blog, and partic. this 55, they will surely be very touched.

Janna said...

izzy: Thanks for visiting.

Bubba: We'll compromise. I'll celebrate them when I'm done mourning. Right now I need to mourn.

Margaret: Yes, their "Best Of" is coming out in November. It will be called "Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage". You can pre-order it on Amazon HERE.

Morning: Glad you were here to visit. :)

DoctorFTSE: I hope so. Wouldn't that be interesting?

hedgewitch said...

I liked them too--they were one of the last groups I really connected with at the tail end of the eighties. But don't give up hope--the Rolling Stones will be around till all the rest of us are dead.(What??Not the same thing, you say??)

Mama Zen said...

I still can't believe it.

Janna said...

hedgewitch: LOL! I was thinking about that awhile ago, in fact. I was trying to console myself with the thought that at least R.E.M. have guarded themselves against becoming the Rolling Stones.

MamaZen: I still have moments when I am speechless. It's been two days since I heard the news, and I'm still not able to listen to the R.E.M. albums I love the most. I will cry.
I've been listening to "New Adventures In Hi-Fi" for two days. It seemed like a "safe" choice because it wasn't really one of my favorites, not really one I was emotionally into. The irony is that I'm finding wonderful things on it which I just didn't appreciate previously. I've learned to LOVE "Bittersweet Me" and "So Fast, So Numb". Previously the only song I loved on Hi-Fi was "Electrolite". And I was sort of ok with "E-Bow The Letter" too.
Now, gosh, I'm even warming up to that Thelonious Monk styled piano solo in "How The West Was Won And Where It Got Us."
I never would have dreamed it.

Janna said...

I just realized that unless you're a die-hard R.E.M fan, none of my reply to MamaZen will make any sense at all.


Just do me a huge favor and memorize this.

Anonymous said...

Janna, New Adventures is my favourite album by R.E.M. "Be Mine" is a masterpiece while "Bittersweet Me" could have made a much better first single than E-Bow.

"Be Mine" is a song that grows, slowly builds into dramatic tension, it's got a mix of nostalgia and drama in those chords.

Probably a perfect album for mourning is Around the Sun, highlights here are Worst Joke Ever and High Speed Train.

By the way, did you know that Mike Mills used to collaborate with an Irish singer by the name of Candice Gordon? She's releasing a new album in October, I've heard a couple of songs and they're not bad.



Lydia said...

I do not think that "sorrow" is too strong a word to describe my reaction to the news, but probably almost Everybody Hurts thinking about it.
Your 55 is so original, poignant, and memorable. Thank you.

Yvonne Osborne said...

I, too, loved REM and was surprised at this news. They always made me feeling better about losing my religion.

Adrian Katrina Miller said...

You're a Mike fan as well? I'm a Mike & Bill fan. :) I was a fan when Bill quit. I still haven't forgiven him. Now, thanks to the break-up, I'm even more depressed.

Janna said...

zapiekanki: Welcome back to the Jannaverse. :) I'm still listening to New Adventures In Hi-Fi in the car whenever I drive.
Right now, here at the computer, I'm listening to a new mp3 I just got; it's the 2009 fanclub single of "Crazy Like A Fox". I'd never heard it before, since I was an idiot who didn't get around to joining the fan club until about two months ago. (!)
Mike does a cute job with that song. I wonder what the club will send out this year, for the very last fanclub package ever?

Lydia: It's an odd kind of sorrow, I know... I realize that on some level they probably made a wise choice to retire when they did. At the same time, that doesn't make my soul feel any better. I miss them dearly.

Yvonne: I was definitely surprised. It just hit us right out of the Blue.

Adrian: I love Mike. He just hits me in that sweet spot of nerdiness, musicianship, humor, cuteness, and goodness. :)

Steve Isaak said...

Entertaining write.

Janna said...

Steve: Thank you. I wonder what Mike would say about it.