Thursday, September 29, 2011

Please help yourself to all my treasured possessions

"Ok, guys," said burglar #1, "Janna's going to be house-sitting for a couple days. Let's steal all we can while she's gone. What did you find?"

"I found lots of bran cereal."

"Here's a hairball the cat threw up."

"A broken VCR?"

"This milk expired six days ago."

"Sigh. Never mind. Let's go rob someone else."

Yes, it's true. I'll be house-sitting for Mom & Dad while they go on vacation. They won't be back til Sunday. But don't worry; I'll still make a few trips back & forth to my house to make sure everything is still bolted down. (Well, maybe not the cats...)
I'll do my best to check e-mail and blog comments. I also hope to post at least a few things on Tumblr while I'm gone.
Speaking of my Tumblr blog-- here; check out this post where I swear Michael Stipe looks exactly like Zoot from the Muppets.


Monkey Man said...

That's one way to keep the thieves at bay. But no rotting fruit? Or broccoli?

hedgewitch said...

Ha! He looks exactly like Zoot.
Okay, enough of the side track--your house sounds about as useless a spot to find anything worth stealing as mine--as my grampa used to say--"I hope we get burglars--maybe they'll drop something." Nice 55.

Adrian Katrina Miller said...

Put a roll of duck tape, black gloves, a mask, and a hatchet on your coffee table. If anyone breaks in, they will be gone in seconds.

whall said...

If or when I ever become a zombie, I'm eating your brain first.

nonamedufus said...

You can keep the bran. Can I have your REM record collection? Or is that under lock and key?

Brian Miller said...

you can hold the bran...i had mexican for lunch and that was enough...have fun house sitting...

Alice Audrey said...

But we still love you. The greatest treasures can not be stolen.

G-Man said...

Why is expired milk at your house?
Is the Bran Cereal expired as well?
No over-ripe bananas to go along with these delicious breakfast treats?
Loved your 55
Thanks for playing, You are like finding a package of Rib Steaks in your freezer while looking for a Banquet Mac and Cheese TV Dinner,
Have a Kick Ass Week-End

Mama Kitty said...

Bran cereal?

VE said...

Bolted down cats...this would solve so many things...

Morning said...

bran cereal? interesting.

it is sad to go hungry while house sitting,

love the playfulness in your 55.

Janna said...

MonkeyMan: The broccoli is more of a deterrent if I eat it first and wait an hour.

hedgewitch: Exactly!

Adrian: What a great idea! Can I borrow some duct tape?

Whall: Not if I eat yours first.

nonamedufus: Really? I thought you hated R.E.M. No, wait, I'm thinking of Monkey Man.
If you promise to give Mike Mills a good home and an honored place in your CD cabinet, and promise to lovingly dust him off every few days, I promise to consider leaving you my R.E.M. collection after I die.
Show me the dust cloth and the CD cabinet first.
Before I die, that is.

Brian: Yum!

Alice: I hope so!

G-Man: Now I'm craving BBQ ribs and macaroni & cheese.

MamaKitty: Yes. It's true.

VE: (!!!!) (P.S. Welcome back!)

Morning: Actually I ended up eating just about everything except bran cereal. So much for good intentions, huh?