Monday, June 20, 2011

Hopefully insurance will at least cover the pizza

Because it's going to be super hot today and I have no air conditioning at home, I plan to sleep elsewhere tonight (and probably tomorrow too).
Don't worry; it's nowhere exciting.

I still have posts scheduled for the week, and you might not even notice I'm gone.

If you miss me so badly you just can't stand it, feel free to write yourself a prescription using this cute little site here.

See? I used it and made myself a prescription that may come in very handy...



Steve Bailey said...

here's 1 of your 100 comments..... hot weather while sleeping is the worst.

nonamedufus said...

So now you're sleeping around, eh? Well, anything for a pepperoni pizza. We don't have A/C but we do have a pool which gets plenty of use in the summer.

00dozo said...

Good god, woman! It's barely 70 degrees there and it's already after noon! I'd kill for that temp (we have no a/c either).

Well, enjoy your pizzas, a/c and that REM guy! 97 more comments to go.


Janna said...

Steve: Thank you for being number one!

nonamedufus: I would do an awful lot for a pepperoni pizza. Trust me.

00dozo: It's so weird; the weather guy said it would be in the upper 80's & 90's today. But it ended up being only in the 70's! I dunno what happened. Tomorrow really IS supposed to be in the 80/90 range, though, so I still expect misery; just a day later. :)

whall said...


Janna said...

Whall: I'm going to pretend that made perfect sense. :)