Thursday, May 19, 2011

How much does Kryptonite underwear cost?

If you experience deja vu while reading this, you probably read it before Blogger deleted it last week. Either that or you're just mysteriously weird.
It probably has something to do with the kittens.

Things the letters PLUCK could stand for:

1. Parasites Lurk Under Clean Kittens

2. "People LOVE Underwear!" -- Calvin Klein

3. Placid Ladies Urge Cheerful Knitting

4. Permanently Locked Under Crumbling Keys

5. Pus Leakage Undoubtedly Coats Kleenex

6. Probably Lois Underestimated Clark Kent

So the moral of the story is, beware of clean kittens and always keep a good supply of Kleenex. Always wear underwear, especially while knitting. You don't have to wear them around Clark Kent, though, since he has X-Ray vision and can see everything anyway.

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