Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Did Jimmy Buffet ever sing about "Fake Burrito-ville"?

Even though I don't have it very often, one of my favorite breakfast treats is a good hot breakfast burrito.
I love the spice of the sausage and the salsa, the savory cheese, the soft warm tortilla, and the eggs which convince you that no, really, it MUST be all right to eat this for breakfast.

Today I decided to try making a vegetarian version. I used the "fake" breakfast sausage made by Morningstar Farms. I've tried that stuff before, and it's not bad. It's not as delicious as real sausage that used to oink and squeal and wallow in a sty, but still, not bad.

(Please don't tell Wilbur or Babe I just said that.)

Also, just for fun, I decided to try EggBeaters instead of real eggs. I've never had them before, and this seemed like a logical time to start.
I crumbled the pseudo-sausage into the eggs along with a little salsa and scrambled it all together. After it was cooked, I wrapped it in a tortilla along with some cheese and more salsa.

Sounds decent, right?
It was awful.

It was something to do with the texture of the egg beaters, I think. Even though the package says they're "99% Real Eggs", they tasted fake and mealy in some spots. Not very "eggy" at all.
It was so bad I couldn't even finish it.

My mother, on the other hand, loved it.
But then, she's known for liking weird stuff.

Vegetarian breakfast burrito which I concocted in a semi-Frankenstein-like manner

Herbal tea

Stir-fry vegetables and rice with teriyaki sauce
Crispy rice noodles

Six peanut M&M's
"Fiber Plus" bar (dark chocolate almond) (These things are GREAT!)

Lemon Larabar (I've had these before, here)
Multi-grain crackers

I know it doesn't look like I had much for dinner.
But I really, honestly, really wasn't all that hungry.
I swear!

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