Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What? They're here already?



nonamedufus said...

These guys are from the Hydrated Galaxy. Their first request was "Take me to your litre".

Janna said...

nonamedufus: Groan! :) They do look well-hydrated....

LOTGK said...

Looks like the French are in town for the royal wedding a little early.

Janna said...

LOTGK: How glamorous!

LOTGK said...

Well, it is the French...

Janna said...

LOTGK: I've been sitting here trying to figure out what "LOTGK" stands for.

Lord Of The Ghost Kittens?
Labradoodles Obviously Took Grandma's Kiwi?
Lips On Toasted Gelatinous Kippers?
Let's Ominously Tease German Kaisers?

Then I visited your site, and now I realize it must have something to do with a Grassy Knoll.

Clearly further research is needed.
I LOVE conspiracy theories.

LOTGK said...

"Lord Of The Ghost Kittens?

Now I like that one.

The lotgk is:

My blog originally made fun of conspiracy theories way back in the 90's, 1995 to be exact. I then started writing outlandish conspiracy theories. The JFK assassination would be the first. Thus, the LOTGK logo was born.

Thank you for asking and visiting and commenting on my blog.