Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sentences with all the words in alphabetical order

1. Eccentric engineers loved Warren Zevon.
2. Bruce's children helped ignite your zeppelin.
3. Amy believes in invisible waffles.
4. I love messy pizza slices!
5. Always be suspicious when wombats yodel.


LOTGK said...

Missing The Ship...


Janna said...

LOTGK: Heh! These are fun posts to do. Readers don't always "get" them, but they're fun and therapeutic for me to make, so I indulge myself occasionally.
BTW, thanks for having a comment that was also in alphabetical order.
I noticed! :)

Ana Goncalves said...

How interesting! Thanks for sharing. :) Happy Spring. x

LOTGK said...

I tried. :D

Janna said...

Ana: Thanks for commenting, and Happy Spring to you too. :)

LOTGK: If you want, you can try to interpret them in the form of a conspiracy theory or something fun like that. Perhaps Bruce's children are yodeling wombats who are secretly trying to take over the country using invisible waffles. Hey, anything's possible.