Saturday, March 26, 2011

My doppleganger loves strawberries

It's true, apparently.
Somewhere I have an evil twin who loves strawberries.
(Or maybe she's the nice one and I'm the evil one. Let's not get bogged down with details.)

I didn't learn this until today.

I was at the store this afternoon buying a few things. It was a store I don't usually go to. One of my items was strawberries. I got in line to pay for my stuff, and the cashier said "Wow, you're back! Getting more strawberries, huh? Were the other ones good?"

She must've been thinking of someone else.
Clearly the only logical explanation is that I have an evil twin who shopped there recently and bought a ton of strawberries.

Rather than explain this disturbing fact to the cashier, I just said "Um... yes, sure! They'll be good sliced up in a pie or something."

Of course, the truth is that I've never made a strawberry pie ever in my entire life.
But I'll bet my doppleganger LOVES them.


Crazy Mommy said...

Thankfully the doppleganger hadn't done something insulting or illegal-or was buying something embarrassing like a gallon of Gatorade, K-Y and condoms. THAT would be my luck.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I hate strawberries. Always have. They look nice, and they're better with chocolate, but I'd rather not eat them.

I wonder if you're doppelganger and mine date?

Megan said...

*long time follower, first time commenter*

We moved recently and I was in the store buying my pints of lemon juice and the gal kinda looked at me funny, like, "what do you use these for" and I actually stood there and tried to explain about how much better lemonade is when you make it yourself and when you don't actually HAVE a lemon tree you have to make do with the bottled stuff but it's still WAY better than the damn concentrate and I think by the time I left everyone that was working in the store at the time was already formulating their stories about "the lemon juice lady."

So, nothing about strawberries. But my story is fruit related, so I thought I would share.

nonamedufus said...

OMG, there's two of you???!!!

00dozo said...

I love strawberries, but only fresh ones. Anything strawberry flavoured (real or not) tastes like chemical to me.

On a different note, my older sister and I look a lot alike and people here confuse me with her many times. I used to get strange looks from people "I" (technically my sister) was supposed to know. I guess all us white folk look alike down here.

(And, no, that wasn't meant as a slur to any ethnic group. I am of the minority here.)

Janna said...

CrazyMommy: LOL! Yes, that would be unfortunate. "Hey, lady, do we need to call the cops again or what?"

MikeWJ: I don't think I've ever had one dipped in chocolate. I'll have to put that on my list of things to do before I go stark raving mad.
I'd better hurry.

Megan: Yay! Thanks for commenting! I've never made homemade lemonade. It always sounds like way too much trouble and I end up making it from a mix. Glad to hear there are still people who care enough to do it the hard way. :)

nonamedufus: Bwa ha haaah! (*evil glare*) Oh, wait... I forgot I'm supposed to be the nice one.

00dozo: The "fake" fruit flavors I hate the most are grape and peach. I love real concord grape juice, but I'm thoroughly annoyed with imitation grape flavored things. And for some reason, imitation peach flavored things tend to give me a headache. Odd.

whall said...

Never had chocolate-covered strawberries? Pshaw. Unpossible.

If/when you come to Austin, we've found another thing I must treat you to.

This is gonna get expensive.

Janna said...

Whall: If nothing else, I would insist you take me to "Juan In A Million"! :)

Anonymous said...

It's funny to think of this exchange as the beginning of a mystery. The police will come to your home and ask your whereabouts on the night of a certain crime and then you'll say you were at home, but the cashier will tell them you were buying strawberries. You'll tell the police the cashier was mistaken, but the cashier will ask 'Why did you say yes and say you were making a pie?' Then the police will ask to see the pie and you won't be able to produce one.

Janna said...

thegoodgreatsby: The cashier did it! I swear! She plotted the whole thing...