Sunday, March 27, 2011

Listen! There it is again!

Over the weekend, I had a song stuck in my head.
Sadly, this song was the "Chicken Dance".
I have no clue what could have put this in my head.

Saturday afternoon I was browsing through some old Tweets I'd done, and was surprised/horrified to find that this has happened to me before. Last September 26th, I tweeted this:

So possibly in another six months, the same thing will happen.

It was embarrassing; I'd be in the middle of a store, pushing my cart around, and would suddenly realize I was humming the Chicken Dance to myself.
If this keeps up, I'll get a reputation as the crazy chicken lady.

In case you're curious, here are some other old tweets I've done:

More rain. At this rate I expect to see blue whales in my back yard soon. Too bad it's not salt water. Dead whales are hard to move.
11:17 PM Mar 10th, 2009

Olympic sport for those approaching 40: sneezing while attempting to retain control of bladder. I think I just got the bronze.
8:27 PM Mar 11th, 2009

I just realized that nothing rhymes with "lavender".
1:15 PM May 15th, 2009

So tired I could throw pink styrofoam balls at a lactose-intolerant walrus while humming the James Bond theme in a WalMart cart.
11:37 PM Jun 9th, 2009

Dripping in humidity, waiting for the thunderstorms to arrive. Better stand back; I'm holding onto something metal.
Jun 19, 2009


whall said...

If I blogged, I'm sure I would do a "best-of" tweet summary. I come up with some doosies but sadly I have no bloggy proof.

Janna said...

Whall: What? Of COURSE you blog!!

LOTGK said...

Fear not, you will always be the life of every wedding you attend.

nonamedufus said...

Browsing through old Tweets on a Saturday afternoon? You really need to get out more. Oh, wait. That's how all this started. Stay in more. I hear there's a Macarena Marathon on MTV this weekend.

Janna said...

LOTGK: Always a chicken-dancer, never a bride...

nonamedufus: Y'know, I never learned to dance the Macarena... and I always wanted to. I was always too embarrassed to ask someone to teach me, because I knew it would permanently brand me as a hopeless loser. (At least now, people can still speculate one way or the other). Yet there are still moments when I feel bad I never learned the Macarena. Hey, I wonder if there are any YouTube videos that would show me...