Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Math Problems For Today

1. A Yugo weighs less than a Buick, but a Buick weighs less than a delivery truck. Assuming that each driver has an average weight of 185 pounds and a shoe size of 9, how many ketchup packets does Janna have in the passenger seat?

2. Calculate the number of hyperactive toddlers who are having screaming tantrums in restaurants right now. Subtract the number of parents who are actually trying to discipline them and keep them quiet. Add the number of aspirin needed by the people at the table next to them.

3. Find the number of TV channels that are currently showing commercials. Calculate the number of advertised items you would actually buy. Send me the money instead.

That last one isn't a math problem.
I just want to buy a sandwich.
And maybe some aspirin.


LOTGK said...

1) Answer: Are you driving the Yugo or the Buick.

2) Answer: You would need the size of the Buick mentioned above to cart around the amount of aspirins you would have. Which by the way, is 11.25 cubic feet of trunk space.

3) Depending on the time one looks, commercials could be playing on the majority of the channels. Example, 5-6 minutes after the hour is usually commercial time.

Bonus: Would a good tasting corned beef sandwich suffice?

Janna said...

1) I'm driving a Buick. At least I was the last time I checked.
2) Good to know!
3) Commercials are the bushy hair on the armpit of life.
Bonus: I like cash better. That way I can buy tacos. I like tacos. A lot.

LOTGK said...

Just a few days ago I went to our local grocery store, Sparkle Markets. I ordered a quarter pound of corned beef.

Usually, Sparkle's deli is excellent. That day however, it was horrendous. It was the worst beef I've even seen, or tasted.

So good call, stick with Taco's.

Janna said...

LOTGK: Maybe it wasn't really beef... (!!)

LOTGK said...

I was thinking the exact same thing.