Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why can't vampires hate okra instead?

Things I like better than onions:

1. Radioactive politicians
2. Expired coupons
3. Global warming
4. Reality TV shows which involve singing, dancing, and/or dating
5. Construction zones
6. Foot odor

As bad as these things are, they're still better than a freshly-cut onion.
Gahh. Makes me sick.

If you want to keep me away, just hang an onion over the front door. I hate it even more than vampires hate garlic (or whatever it is that vampires are popularly hating these days).

Though I guess I could just crawl through a window instead.


Leeuna said...

I love onions and okra. My grandson hates onions as much as you do. He can't stand the smell of them.

Janna said...

Leeuna: Okra tends to be slimy, in my experience. I've never had any that wasn't slimy. Ack!