Thursday, December 9, 2010

My favorite is number three

Eight anagrams for "Fiber Isn't Always Your Friend,"
all of which include the word "Fart":

1. Wry Inaudible Serf; Noisy Fart
2. Easy Noisy Wildfire Fart Burn
3. Airy Slow Fireside Bunny Fart
4. Sly Windy Inferior Fart Abuse
5. Unwieldy Fart = Brief Ass Irony
6. You Inner Abyss, Fart Wildfire
7. Bind Sinewy Air; Fart Yourself!
8. Bye, Swirly Fine Dinosaur Fart!


moondustwriter said...


Glad I'm up wind especially from the dinosaur

"and that ladies and gentlemen is a fiber filled 55!!"

Nice one Janna

Moonie smiles

Monkey Man said...

Fun stuff. Who would have thought that fiber would produce a fart? Will wonders never cease. ;-)

My 55 is HERE .

G-Man said...

Loved your 55 Janna.
You are like a 1100 count Martha Stewart fitted sheet, on the last cot at the Rescue Mission!!
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End....G

Brian Miller said...

only you can make breaking wind art...

Janna said...

moondustwriter: I'm glad I made you LMAO. Er, I mean, LYAO. :)

MonkeyMan: Shocking, isn't it?

G-Man: Noooo! No, not Martha Stewart! Ack! :0

Brian Miller: I try! A lot.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Your farts.....well, they just blew me away!!!!

Here's mine

Hope you can find time to visit.
Happy Friday
Happy weekend.

Eric Alder said...

This 55 stinks, but in a hilareous way! (#8 was my fave!) Nice job, Janna!

Mama Zen said...

Something about bunny fart just slays me!

nonamedufus said...

#5 sounds familiar. I've got it narrowed down to Confucius and Yoda.

hedgewitch said...

Don't know how you could pick one for superiority-- the lyrical lilting Shakespearean quality of #7 is only surpassed by the penetrating insight of #5. And the bunny fart. Explosive 55.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I don't like fart jokes. Really, I don't. I do fart, though. I guess everybody does. My son says he learned in school that the average man farts like three oil drums worth of farts a week. Something like that. It could be less. Or more. It's still of a lot of gas. Probably enough to power your house if you could capture it without blowing yourself up, which you probably couldn't. I have no idea what else my son is learning in school. I don't really care, as long as he's not at home bothering me with all of his teenage stuff, including his teenage farts, of which he's extremely proud. I think the less farts the better. Anyway, I don't want to talk about farts and fart jokes, so I'm just going to keep this comment short and blow out of here. Thank you.

Stranger said...

LOL! How clever you are with 55!

Lulda Casadaga said...

Too funny...I just saw the other day an ad about a blanket that keeps nite time farts at captures the odor, it has a charcoal filter in it. Now, that beats a "Snuggie" any day...

Anonymous said...



Janna said...

Hootin'Anni: Glad I was able to blow you away. Oh, wait, you meant...

Eric Alder: Thanks for visiting and inhaling! :)

MamaZen: Me too! I wonder if they smell like carrots...

nonamedufus: I know it wasn't Spock or Jesus or Mr. Rogers. Maybe you're right.

hedgewitch: Thank you for the intellectual analysis! I never knew Shakespeare would approve. :)

MikeWJ: Now, now... if God hadn't intended for farts to be funny, he wouldn't have made them sound hilarious. Your son sounds like a fun guy. (Not a fungi).

Stranger: Thanks for visiting! :)

Lulda: Wow! Imagine receiving that as a gift from someone...

razzamadazzle: I hope so! :) Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Good God... ROFL!!!!!
Super duper creative, Janna!! This almost "sounded" like a response to G-Man's 55!! hehehehhehe

AWESOME 55, my dear!!
Dino baby, off I go, lest I get thrown into the air, by your ahemm.. (the F word) ;-)

Janna said...

kavisionz: Thank you! :)