Sunday, December 12, 2010

Marcus will taste delicious with a creamy cheese sauce

This weekend I stayed home.
This was mostly because of the lousy weather. We had a little bit of everything: rain, ice, wind, and snow. The roads are rotten during weather like that, so I chose to stay here and gradually ferment in my bathrobe for two days.

The temperatures for this upcoming week are not supposed to get above freezing. The low on Tuesday is supposed to be 4 degrees. (Yes, fahrenheit. I have no idea what that is in Celsius, other than "cold".)

Things I may (or may not) have done while I was here by myself for two days:

1. Build replicas of Star Trek characters out of dryer lint and Elmer's Glue
(Mr. Spock, you're looking a bit fuzzy today. How illogical.)

2. Give names to every piece of macaroni in a half-pound box
(The first one was named Marcus...)

3. Discover why beef jerky often tastes like shoe leather
(Step 1: Find out what shoe leather tastes like...)

4. Tell the cats that I really have no idea how to explain Euclidean Geometry to them.
("Well, you see, it's.... really quite simple, uh... I... wow, look! Is that a mouse?")


nonamedufus said...

-16C and that's COLD!!!

Janna said...

nonamedufus: Cold enough to freeze pipes, apparently! Suddenly the inside of a volcano is sounding rather cozy.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Isn't there something in math called fuzzy logic? I think Spock would like that. Not that I know what it is. I should just stick with things I know, like Marcus. I mean macaroni. Oh God, now I'm going to feel like a cannibal every time I eat Mac 'n Cheese.

Janna said...

MikeWJ: It's not so bad, as long as you can ignore the screaming while you're chewing them.