Saturday, October 30, 2010

There's still time to talk me out of it....

In the past, during weeks when I have no clue what else to post, I've made a "fun" activity out of going vegetarian for one week. It gives me a change of pace, and I make sure to blog about the hilarious tragic interesting results.
I've done this twice so far, and it doesn't feel like a "new" idea anymore.

But I'm still in the mood to do something freaky and different for no reason, so here's what I decided.
I'm going to try going vegan for one week.

The very thought strikes terror in my heart.

Ordinary garden-variety vegetarians (no pun intended) are still okay with eating eggs and cheese.
Vegans avoid ALL products that ever had anything to do with an animal.
This means there's no cheese, eggs, honey, milk, gelatin, or anything else that came from a living creature.

I'll be honest with you; I don't know if I can do it.

I love cheese. I like bread and pasta, too, both of which contain eggs. I love honey-barbecue sauce. I like cereal with milk on it. I like breakfast burritos, which would probably make any self-respecting vegan die instantly because there's eggs AND cheese AND sausage. Did I mention they (the burritos, not the vegans) are delicious?

Still, I'm enticed by the challenge.

From Monday (Nov 1) to Sunday (Nov 7), I'll attempt going vegan.
Just for "fun".
(Please note that I haven't actually checked the dictionary definition of "fun", so I might be a little off.)

Rest assured I will blog about all the hilarious tragic interesting results.

Until then, I'm going to go have a few bacon double cheeseburgers.
And possibly any barnyard animals I can catch on the way there.
Chickens don't mind if you lick them, right?


00dozo said...

Egad! I remember being put off from meat for awhile (no, I was not preggers), but what on earth are you going to eat?? Then again, if you are wanting to lose a bit of weight, this might be the way to do it, but you might want to get some "Beano", just in case.

Bon appetit!

Steven said...

Excellent. It's much easier than you think. Let me know if you need any help with making healthy, vegan choices.

Janna said...

00dozo: Beano is for wimps. :)

Steve: LOL! I doubt it will be easy, but I'll do my best. (Never mind the part about making "healthy" choices.... Send me the bucket of french fries and chocolate syrup.)

Leeuna said...

I could never go vegan. A day without cheese is like a day without...well...cheese! I think I'm part mouse.

Gwenhwyfar said...

You're right, this will be fun. hehehehehehehehehe

Janna said...

Leeuna: I agree completely. Cheese is essential! And I am about to go into withdrawal. Egad... what on earth was I THINKING?!

Gwen: That was an awfully evil-sounding laugh...

nonamedufus said...

One word: Lifesavers! Or maybe a banana.

Janna said...

nonamedufus: Lifesavers! Oh, that does sound good... I love the lemon ones... and orange... and lime.