Thursday, September 23, 2010

Various Thoughts

1. How come we refer to a "pair of pants" and a "pair of underwear", but not a "pair of diapers"?

2. On Monday night the moon looked like a giant aspirin tablet, which was cruel because I had a headache but I couldn't jump high enough to reach.

3. Do you like rhubarb?

4. BBQ chicken wings sound really good right now, but since I can't afford any I'm contenting myself with daydreaming about Big Bird falling into a vat of mesquite sauce.

5. The three-toed sloth can move at a maximum ground speed of six and a half feet per minute. This is still faster than I move in the morning.


nonamedufus said...

This is just how my mind works, I guess, but how come we don't call a bra a pair when they're used to hold one?

PattiKen said...

I can't help with the BBQ, but I am sending you a snack, via e-mail. Maybe you can save it for Thanksgiving...

Lisa said...

ROFL! At the mental image of Big Bird in BBQ sauce!!!

Chris@Knucklehead said...

And why is "scissors" singular?

Janna said...

nonamedufus: Ah, yes, good point!

PattiKen: Got the picture! Big Bird would take a LOT of barbecue sauce, but I bet it would be worth it.

Lisa: We'll probably have to marinate him in something first. He's probably all tough and stringy.

Chris: Another good point!