Monday, June 14, 2010

Things the letters POST could stand for

1. Picking Over Some Trash

2. Please Overlook Saturday's Tirade

3. Peeing Over Someone's Toilet

4. Paul Ogled Something Terrible

5. Perhaps Oliver Stopped Tooting

6. Pay Ontario Seven Times

7. Purple-Orange Slacks = Tacky

8. Possibility Of Spherical Trapezoids


renew said...
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Subby said...

"Picking over Some Trash"....Mom's old landlady used to do just the town transfer station...ick!

Party On Saratoga's Twang

Peace Over Stupid Terrorism

Play Out Stay Tan

Perogatives Obviously Simple, Thanks!

Peas On Spuds Terrible!

Subby said...

Please Obliterate Spammer Talk!

nonamedufus said...

Is number 5 a rhetorical question? Always a good question to ask yourself before entering Oliver's room!

Monkey Man said...

Post Obfuscates Subliminal Thoughts

Janna said...

Spam person whose comment I deleted: Quit that.

Perchance Orlando Smells Tangy

Subby again:
Pete Ominously Stalks Tanya

Someone should anonymously leave a can of Lysol by his door, just in case.

Pleasant's Opposite = Something Terrible

Subby said...

Poltergeist Oblong Saturated Twinkies!

Plastic Onions Smell Tart

Platonic Orangutans Scratch Teats

Janna said...

Subby: This is exactly why I'm uncomfortable around orangutans.

Subby said...

I had a feelin'...

Purgatory Off Space Tangent

...I think...

Subby said...

...or was it...

Primordial Ooze Slathers Tongue...?