Friday, June 18, 2010

Picture it with hearts and roses and tofu

Hallmark card we still haven't seen:

"I miss you more than a vegetarian misses a bacon double cheeseburger.
Unless it's someone who really LOVES being a vegetarian,
in which case I might not actually miss you that much at all.
Come to think of it, the place does smell a lot better since you left."


Stan Ski said...

There's always a good side to parting.
Fun 55.

Changnoi said...

So now you can celebrate with that bacon double cheeseburger.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Cards that tell the truth. You should start your own line. Could be pretty lucrative second (third? fourth? fifth?) career for you. I'd buy them. Hell, I could write them for you.

G-Man said...

Vegan's do seem to have a cloud of Methane hanging over them don't they?
Very clever 55 Janna.
Thank you for another winner!
Thanks also for visiting and the heads up. You are like finding two brand new Double-A batteries in your junk drawer just after your TV remote dies....
Have a Kick Ass Wee-End....G

Brian Miller said...

lol. just make some bacon...its the best smell in th 55.

mine is up!

nonamedufus said...

I think you may have tapped into a new market: mixed relationships...the course of true love runs rough between vegans and carnivores.

When I first met you
I ate steak bleu,
And beef au jus that just couldn't be beat.
But after five years
Of asparagus spears
I'm leaving you for someone who loves red meat.

You can use it.

Alice Audrey said...

That really does sound like a card I might find at Rock n Rudy's.

Monkey Man said...

Even Beano is better with bacon on it. Maybe if the vegetarian had a bit....

My 55 is HERE .

steveroni said...

Just what was the smell, which is now gone? Oh....THAT?????? OMG!Of course, and "new one" will think twice, when you go sniffing around him to check him out...

FUNNY one, Janna. thanks!

Here is MINE

Enchanted Oak said...

Thank you for the chuckle, Janna. I would love to see your line of Hallmark cards. And judging by your comments, so would everyone else. Think about it, dear one.
My 55 is here

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Janna lovely wee blog and a nice 55. Go get that double crispy bacon, cheese and avo beefburger!

Janna said...

StanSki: Sometimes! I can think of some past relationships where parting was DEFINITELY a blessing in hindsight, even though it felt awful at the time.

Changnoi: Excellent!

MikeWJ: LOL! That would be such a fun job, wouldn't it?

G-Man: I have a methane cloud too even though I'm nowhere near being vegan. This must mean I have special powers!

BrianMiller: True! Bacon smells amazingly yummy.

nonamedufus: LOL!!

AliceAudrey: I've never heard of Rock n Rudy's before!

MonkeyMan: Yes! We should wrap all vegetarian medications in bacon first and see what happens.

Steveroni: Yes, that! :) Although I'm well aware that meat-eaters can produce some steaming 5-alarm stinkers too.
By the way, "Screaming Five Alarm Stinkers" would be a fun name for a band.

EnchantedOak: I wish! :)

A Daft Scots Lass: Welcome! Thanks for visiting!