Friday, May 14, 2010

The ugly truth about vegetables: part two

Little Suzie ran home from school in tears.

"Mom!" She cried. "Mrs. Randle says cauliflower is really the petrified brains of children who rose from the dead!"

"There, there, now," comforted Mom. "That's not entirely true."

"It's not?" sniffled Suzie.

"Of course not. It's also the brains of kids who threw tantrums in the supermarket."


G-Man said...

Very visual Janna.
Your the second 55er to post about cauliflower tonight, there must be something in the "wind".
Excellent 55 My Friend, thanks for visiting, thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End!

You are like a 15 second belch after chugging a can of Vernors!!

PattiKen said...

And there's another one I wish I'd thought of. Maybe you're right and it's not too late. I'll send 'em an e-mail and tell 'em, "Janna said!"

Brian Miller said...

ha. i gotta try that one. fun 55.

mine is up!

sheri... said...

i loved this! children can be so vulnerable and mother's can be monsters, heh heh heh! really, how else are we going to get them to behave in public??? ;)

Janna said...

G-Man: If you know what Vernors is, you MUST be from Michigan. :)

PattiKen: Yes! Put a little copyright symbol on it if you can. :)

Brian: Thanks for visiting!

Sheri: Exactly. Nothing else works; we might as well terrorize them with evil vegetables.

Monkey Man said...

This would make my daughter WANT to eat califlower. My 55 will be HERE after midnight Pacific Time.

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

Hahaha...cute but cruel...

Mine is here
Have you an AWESOME weekend!

Jingle said...

you are so smart and funny...
I enjoy the liveliness and delightful humor in your 55.
simply superb job!

mine is up.

Anonymous said...

Janna, I hope you don't stop at Part 3. An illustrated book just might be in your future ~ title? "Eat Your Veggies", perhaps? Great sense of humor and wonderful visual.

I'm up:

Friday Flash 55 ~ Silvia's Smile

Hootin' Anni said...

Dang!!! But this was funny. Poor kid. LOLOLOL

My 55 for the week, is HERE As always, scroll down past my Friday's Show n Tell to find it. Have a glorious day.

Enchanted Oak said...

You're great at this 55 thing, Janna. You gave me a good laugh this morning. I totally hate cauliflower, and now I know why.

Anonymous said...

Well if you are trying to keep kids from ever eating vegetables, you are succeeding. Very clever, as always.

Janna said...

MonkeyMan: LOL! Well, at least you know how to motivate her now. :)

Sh@KiR@ CK: I dunno about cruel, but hopefully it's at least cute. :)

Jingle: Yay! Thank you. :)

Chef Kar: I could just call it "The Ugly Truth About Vegetables"!

Hootin'Anni: Thanks for visiting! :)

EnchantedOak: I actually like cauliflower, but only if it's raw. Once it's cooked, it gets this weird texture/taste that I don't really care for. I'm the same way with cabbage. Raw, yes, cooked, no. :o

Grace: LOL! Well, since I don't have any kids of my own, the best I can do is try to indirectly mess up those that belong to other people. Right? :)

Leslie said...

I can tell how much you love veggies. And I loved the fact that it is cauliflower week.

Mine is "Family Outing"

Janna said...

Leslie: "Cauliflower Week"... LOL! I wonder how that happened?

Andy Sewina said...

Yeah, dead good! Love the rhetorical reply!!

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I hate kids, too.

Marla said...

I will be serving cauliflower Janna-style tomorrow night. Bwahahahahaha

Janna said...

AndySewina: Rhetorical replies are wonderful when you want to drive someone crazy. I highly recommend it.

MikeWJ: ROFL!! :)

Marla: I should write a cookbook...