Sunday, May 2, 2010

Things the letters PEARL could stand for

1. Please Eat At Red Lobster

2. Penelope Eventually Acquired Rosy Legs

3. Probably Everyone Already Rides Llamas

4. Plastic Elephants Are Rotten Listeners

5. Plutonium's Expecting A Radiation Leak


whall said...

Poop Earrings Available: Redneck Land

Plowing Early? Aww, *Really* Low!!!

Poor Earl Ate Red Lice

Janna said...

-Pack Extra Anvils; Roadrunner's Listening
-Potential Expletives Are Raucously Loud
-Pensively, Elmer And Rhonda Leaped

Mik said...

The wife would do umber one if she could, me, not so much.

Glad to hear Penelope finally found her legs, I'll forgo the snail joke!

Llamas, cheaper than the bus.

The plastic elephants are too busy swimming in my drink to listen.

Mik said...

Prattling Ejits Are Ruining my Life

Marilyn said...

Why couldn't Earl have red lettuce? Poor guy.

Janna said...

Mik: I like Red Lobster. It's been forever since I've eaten there, and I miss it. I especially remember these scrumptious cheddar-garlic biscuits they made.

Marilyn: Red lettuce is better than red lice any day! I feel bad for Earl too.