Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sentences with exactly five words

1. Please don't serve brussels sprouts.
2. I thought I heard zebras.
3. That cloud looks like Jeff!
4. Stop sniffing; it wasn't me.
5. Vladimir's medication tastes like oranges.
6. Try not to fall down.
7. Leave a five word comment!


Marla said...

Why only five words, Janna?

Janna said...

Marla: Because I felt like it. :)

Marla said...

That's ok with me then. :-)

Subby said...

More Brussels Sprouts, oh pleeeeeaaase!

Spinach and mushroom pizza, yum!

00dozo said...

This is a funny post!

And so are the comments!

Marilyn said...

Ten words are not five.

Monkey Man said...

Can't stop at five words.

00dozo said...

Come visit my place today!

(Ack! I tried my best... please visit, I've got something for you).

Janna said...

1. Here; take MY Brussels Sprouts.
2. That might be good, maybe. :)

00dozo: I try... really I do!

Marilyn: But five doubled is ten! :)

MonkeyMan: It is difficult, isn't it?

00dozo: (!!!) Thanks for thinking of me! :)

NZMoores said...

I just wrote four, almost.

PattiKen said...

Oh, yum, yum! Brussels sprouts!

Janna said...

NZMoores: Whew; good thing you checked!

PattiKen: Gahhh... you must be joking! :)