Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's hot! It's humid! Let's eat British food!

One of the larger markets in the area has a section completely devoted to International imports and brands popular in other countries.
One of the sections is comprised of British foods.

Every now and then, when I've wheeled my cart past this, I've spent a few moments curiously gazing around the items. Sometimes I almost buy some of them, just to see what they're like.

Then I realize 20 other shoppers are behind me, waiting for me to get out of their way, and I awkwardly wheel my cart into the next aisle.

(Wait... I think the British folks call it a "trolley" instead of a cart. Or a buggy. Or something like that.)

Anyway, today I finally broke down and bought some of the things.
And YOU get to hear me rant and rave about them, regardless of whether I experience pleasant surprise or acute nausea.

Throughout the summer, I'll do a series of posts. Approximately once a week, I'll try one or two of the new things I got, and I'll let you know what I think.

I will not be trying Marmite.

And so far I'm also squeamish about Spotted Dick.
But you never know.

Stay tuned.


klahanie said...

And I have tried these fine delicacies, 'cottage pie', 'shepherd's pie', 'bangers and mash', 'bubble and squeak' and the acclaimed, 'toad in the hole'.
In fact, as a Canadian living in England, I have done a blog about this very subject.
'Marmite'..either you love it or you hate it. I must confess, I love Marmite :-) Yes, I'm off my trolley.
Kind wishes, Gary.

Mik said...

Your post and Gary's comment has me drooling. Being a Brit in the US I miss a lot of the foods.

It is trolley and I hate Marmite, Spotted Dick I actually tried for the first time here recently, but it was good and always a great for a laugh on the name.

Luckily we have an Irish pub/restaurant and the Australian pie company nearby so I can still get the Shepherd's and cottage pies.

I miss pasties and pork pies though.

Janna said...

Klahanie/Gary: I wish I had my own personal chef so I could request some of those dishes. I'd be willing to try bangers & mash. Possibly bubble & squeak. Even maybe toad in the hole. :)

Mik: I've tried pasties; they're pretty good. Never seen pork pie, although I remember the jokes they made about it in "Are You Being Served?" There was an episode where Mr. Grainger stuck a piece of pork pie in the suggestion box.
Now I have to Google "pork pie" to see what it looks like, and how it gets so thin you can fit it through the slot of a suggestion box.

Mik said...

If you peel the top off it would fit. Pork and apple pork pies are yummy.

PattiKen said...

When this was popular, I went to NZ and I brought back some Vegemite. My teenage son saw its rich dark brown color, and assumed it was like chocolate. He scooped a big glob into his mouth. There was a brief pause until the taste hit, and then he rushed to the sink and washed his tongue.

Yeah, it was that good.

Janna said...

Mik: I looked at the Wikipedia page on "Pork Pie" and was surprised to find that it's usually a dish served COLD. And it includes "Pork Jelly", which I learned is made by boiling pig parts, ears, and snouts.
I'm not sure all the apples in the world could fix that. :o

PattiKen: Wow! Ack! The look on his face must have been awful when he realized!
P.S. Now I'm going to have that song stuck in my head. :)

Anonymous said...

As I started reading I remembered when we found some Spotted Dick in the supermarket and bought it as a gift for a friend then lo and behold I scroll down and what do I see - Anyway, please let me know what it is and how it tastes - I'm sure our friend never opened the can (I bet it went directly into the trash. Some people are so ungrateful).

Marilyn said...

I made pork pie for Bilbo's birthday this year. Yes, I am that big a nerd... if it wasn't such a pain in the rear to make I'd take it to every picnic all year long. It's yummy.

Marilyn said...

ps... I used unflavored gelatin and a pork flavored bullion cube...being fresh out of snouts.

Janna said...

Grace: No, I didn't buy any. I found that picture on the Net, and it was identical to the can I saw in the market, so I posted it. I reeeeallly don't think I'll be trying any. :)
P.S. Why on earth would you give this as a gift??

Marilyn: Did you eat it COLD? :P
I dunno if I could handle that part.
I'd maybe try it hot, like a pot pie or a pasty. But cold? With all the jelly-like stuff?
Gaahh. I just don't see it happening.
Glad you liked it, though. :)

Marla said...

Oh never disappoint me!

Marilyn said...

Yes! Cold with mustard... it sounds gross, but the texture isn't much different than some lunch meats. Actually, the texture was better than lots of lunch meats. It was all around, very yummy.

Janna said...

Marla: Surely the day will happen eventually! :)

Marilyn: Hmmmm... (**mulling it over**)

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I wish I'd thought of this post. I'm half British, and it didn't even occur to me. Spotted Dick, by the way, is quite good. Marmite's a little bitter, but otherwise good enough, plus nutritious. Try a little steak and kidney pie, if you get the chance. I love it myself.

Janna said...

MikeWJ: Spotted Dick is GOOD? Man, I still can't get past the fact that it's made with suet. Does it have an ugly unpleasant texture? Does it taste like cake, or is there some freaky "extra" taste that would make my eyes widen in horror?