Thursday, May 27, 2010

And look! They're already digesting!

As you may remember from my post a few days ago, I'm going to be trying some new items I bought in the "British" part of my supermarket's international section.

Today's post will be about something called "Digestive Biscuits."

Go ahead. Say it out loud.

It sounds awful, doesn't it? Sort of austere and medicinal.
I envisioned bad-tasting things that are "good for you" because they help your intestines work better, or something like that.

Yet, the picture looked relatively harmless.
In fact, it looked like a cookie with chocolate on it.

I tried some of them, and now I have superpowers where I can digest my enemies simply by breathing on them while speaking with a fake British accent.

No! Wait!

What I meant to say is, they're actually pretty good.
They taste sort of like chocolate-covered graham crackers.
I like them!

Please pardon me while I go work on my accent.


Mik said...

My favorite biscuits, lovely dunked in tea. Mmm now I got to go get some.

Anonymous said...

Chocolate covered graham crackers, the kind with a layer of jelly???? I LOVE them! Oh, wait - not what you had? Anyway, most anything with chocolate can't be all that bad (tho I have wondered about mole sauce - chicken and chocolate - maybe not so much)

Monkey Man said...

Better super powers than some craptacular event because the cookies were, well, a digestive aid like Ex-lax. Lucky!

Chris@Knucklehead! said...

Thanks, but I'll stick with Oreos and Fig Newtons.

Janna said...

Mik: Dunked in tea? Really? Now I'm curious. I might have to try that.

Grace: No, these didn't have jelly, but I did buy another thing that was similar which involved orange marmalade. Stay tuned; I'll cover that one in a future post. :)

MonkeyMan: True!

Chris@Knucklehead: I hate to admit it, but I liked these better than Oreos. (!!)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I lovey those!

PattiKen said...

Pip pip!

Janna said...

Grace: They are good!

PattiKen: LOL! Yes!

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Absolutely one of my most favorite cookies, and for two reasons. One, they taste great. Two, they give one the illusion that they're good for you, so one can eat them guilt free, until one becomes as big as two.

Janna said...

MikeWJ: I had two this afternoon! I feel healthier already!

Marla said...


Janna said...

Marla: They really were good, despite the unappetizing name. :)