Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'll be over here in the corner making a cabin out of bacon

I spent most of the evening laying in bed with a headache, since there's a nasty weather front moving through. (And, I might add, a winter storm which will dump a bunch of snow on us by Monday night. But oh well. It's Michigan, right?)

Guess what! It's Sunday! The very last day of my pointless self-imposed week of vegetarianism! I can almost hear the bacon cheeseburgers clawing at my front door.

At least I hope that's what that is.

Thank you, to all of you who put up with my little experiment yet again. As most of you know, this is my second foray into vegetarianism. Even though the first try (last year) didn't go badly at all, I was surprised by how much more smoothly this time went. I was at peace with the whole thing and didn't really have any super-strong cravings. My brain knew it was only a one-week thing. :)
Last time I really, really wanted BBQ ribs. (Real ones, not fake monstrosities). This time I'm sort of looking forward to a bacon double cheeseburger, but it's a mild desire instead of an insistent urge.

Thank you also to Grace, who commented that my menus looked healthful. I agree. I went out of my way to choose high-fiber multi-grains (buns, tortillas, crackers). I ate fresh fruit (grapefruits, pears, kiwi, kumquats, raspberries), yogurt, veggie burgers (which I really liked), herbal tea, and... well, you get the idea. Yes, there were occasional indulgences like fries or ice cream, but they were the exception, and I think it's important to let yourself have indulgences like that sometimes.

Also, I don't know if any of you noticed this or not, but I made it through the entire week without eating even one salad. I'm oddly proud of that. Not that I dislike salad, but I wanted to prove it's possible to be vegetarian without being a salad-hound.

No offense to any of you who may or may not currently be salad hounds. :)

Kiwi fruit
Raw Habanero pepper (!)
Breaded mushrooms w/trio of dipping sauces
(spicy lemongrass, sweet barbecue, and hot chili garlic)

Afternoon snack:
Chocolate mousse

Amy's Organic Pesto Tortellini
Veggie burgers on multigrain buns
Glass of milk

Now pass the bacon.


Anonymous said...

Well, a little heavy on the carbs at dinner...LOL

You better not be sending any of that snow here...

Janna said...

Grace: LOL. Yeah... it's easy to get hung up on watching carbs/fats/sugars/calories/whatever. If I let myself care about it too much, I'd never end up leaving the house. :) I figure everything is ok in moderation.
What? You didn't WANT the snow? Wow. NOW you tell me...

Finding Pam said...

I am glad you made it through the week on a vegaterian menu. I could probably go vegan, but my husband likes to eat meat.

Lizzy and Elle said...

btw we took stuff...

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Well, as I said, you are fast becoming the Martha Stewart of bloggers.

I really like the idea of building a cabin out of bacon, by the way. I figure you start building it in the spring and summer, finish it it the fall, and then slowly eat your way out of it during the winter, which it's hard to get outside for things like bacon. I guess wildlife might be a problem, though. Do bears like bacon? I don't know.

Janna said...

FindingPam: I didn't mind being vegetarian for a week, but being VEGAN would be a real challenge for me because I reeeaaallly love cheese. And eggs. But mostly cheese.

LizzyAndElle: I see! :)

MikeWJ: If any bears try stealing my bacon, they won't live to tell the tale. Of course, I may not live to tell them NOT to tell the tale, because if they eat me, I won't be able to say much about it. But if they eat me first, hopefully they'll be too full to eat the bacon, and...
Wait... what was I talking about?