Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gimme a C..... Gimme an H.....

Not much to say about the vegecidal feast today, other than the fact that CHEESE was the star of the day. I had cheesy tortellini with extra cheese on top, cheese and crackers, cheetos*, and Italian cheese bread.
Yay cheese.
Cheese is good.

1 Pear
Hot tea

Amy's Organic Pesto Tortellini
(Extra parmesan cheese on top)
Rye triscuits
Havarti cheese w/caraway

Diet Pepsi

Italian cheese bread
Marinara sauce

*P.S. Cheetos may or may not involve actual cheese, but let's go ahead and pretend.

2 comments: said...

Mr. Velveeta was undisputed king of cheese.
From his death bed he was heard to wheeze,
"I know it's processed food,
but I like it doesn't need to be chewed."
And With that he croaked with a sneeze.

Janna said...

Poor Mr. Velveeta. :) At least he managed to bring us all joy. Yes, I admit I like Velveeta. Not all by itself, but as an ingredient in other things.