Thursday, January 7, 2010

Additions to the Jannapedia

ARDSMA: When aardvarks get asthma.

SCULA: A school where you learn to scuba dive.

INTEDGEE: An intelligent wedgie.

TACANK: The armored tank you will need if you ever try to take my tacos away from me.

CUTHONS: If you have a lisp, you probably sit on these.

HALIT: Halitosis so bad we didn't even stick around for the second half of the word.

JIGHIC: Dancing with hiccups.

MUNDI: Evry Mundi and Toozdy I pashently wate for the wurld to make sense.

GEOGR: (1) When George gets confused. (2) When you start to pay attention in Geography class but then get distracted by something shiny.

SHERWO: What's left over when the lumberjacks have chopped down most of Sherwood Forest.

PREDA: I didn't like the movie Predator so I changed channels halfway through.

PHYDR: I'm a luvr, not a phydr.

DINGLOGG: I have no idea what this means but it was so funny I had to include it anyway.


Da Old Man said...

Jannapedia is my favoroite posts.

Anonymous said...

I'm a phydr( or is that survivor? )

And when it comes to food swipin'; I don' need no steeking tacank theengy, see?

Anonymous said...

Definite theme to these...abbreviated, lisping experience

Janna said...

DaOldMan: Yay! :)

Subby: You're a phydr. Survivor was a band in the 80's.

Grace: I think my favorites are Ardsma and Sherwo. :)

Uncivil said...

Something that comes out of the backside of a Dingo?

Janna said...

Uncivil: Or possibly something a dingbat uses to start a campfire. :)

Anonymous said...

'80's music~the horror! The horror!

Janna said...

Subby: Hey! I love 80's music. :) It was the decade of my teenager-osity. :)

Mr. Knucklehead said...

Dinglogg, January, 2010. Today someone rang my doorbell at 7:45 this morning.

And, believe it or not, there's a major league pitcher named AARDSMA. No kiddin'.

Janna said...

Mr.Knucklehead: But what DAY in January 2010? Don't keep me in suspense!
There's a real life Aardsma? Really? Not sure if that's life imitating art, or art imitating life, or just a guy with one freaked-out last name....

Anonymous said...

Janna~ mine as well. But I still grew up listening to old country music an' the "oldies" from the 50'&'60's. I was among the "head-banger" crowd in high school; I just never let on that I listened to metal music. I can listen too( and stand most )music...most...