Sunday, December 20, 2009

Things the letters THUD could stand for

1. Tacos Have Undying Devotion
2. Turtle Herders Usually Drink
3. Troubled Hens Use Demerol
4. Tigger Hops! Up.... Down....
5. Terminal Halitosis: Unpleasant Death
6. Trapezoids Have Unpredictable Dimensions
7. Top Hats: Unusually Dandy!
8. Tyrannosaurs Had Ultimate Dentures
9. Texas Hollers Under Duress


Jeff said...

Totally Hot Uber Dolls
Too Holey Underwear - D'oh!

otin said...

The Hindenburg utterly destroyed

Testicles hanging under dong! hahaha!

Janna said...

Teenagers Hate Uncool Dweebs
Try Hanging Upside Down

Total Hospitality, Unlimited Donuts
Terrific, Harold Uses Depends

Brian Miller said...

totally happening underwear dude?

time hurls untold days...

Janna said...

Brian: (Oooh, I especially like the 2nd one... "Time Hurls Untold Days"... Cool!)
Tazed Hamsters Usually Die
Trees Help Undergrowth Develop

Jeff said...

Tazed Hamsters Usually Die... *snort* Good one!

Janna said...

Jeff: I try! Writing stuff, that is. Not tazing hamsters. Usually.

Marla said...

Teenage Hoodlums Understand Drama.

Don't ask! Merry Christmas, Janna!!

Janna said...

Marla: LOL! Yes, they certainly do! :)