Monday, December 14, 2009

Things the letters PICK could stand for

1. Please Imitate Calvin Klein
2. Personally, I Commend Koalas
3. Princes: Irritating Child-Kings
4. Processing Imitation Cheese: Kraft!
5. Puritans Insisted: Chastity, Kids!
6. Private Investigators Can't Knit
7. Potential Income: Chocolate Kites
8. Purchase Indiana's Costly Knickers
9. Puppies? I Choose Kittens
10. Perhaps I'm Craving KitKats
11. Playful Imagination = Chaotic Knowledge


otin said...

Penis Is Currently Kaput! HAHAHA (Not Really!)

Brian Miller said...

oh my otin!
chocolate kites...just might melt...
i do like koalas though...

Jeff said...

Praying Involves Crushed Knees

Nessa said...

I like eleven. I want it for my motto.


Janna said...

Otin: Better make sure!

Brian: That's why it's important to eat the chocolate kites before they have a chance to melt. :)

Picking Iowa's Corn Kernels
Peasants Illegally Challenged Korea
Physics, Ichthyology, Chemistry, Kinetics
Playing In Cincinnati K-Mart

Nessa: I liked that one too. :)

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Please Invite Courteous Klingons

Janna said...

MikeWJ: Courteous Klingons... is that an oxymoron, like Jumbo Shrimp and Military Intelligence?