Tuesday, December 15, 2009

All things considered, I'm right on schedule

Things I still haven't done with my life:
1. Sleep in a McDonald's parking lot
2. Figure out what happened to my missing socks
3. Sail on the ocean
4. Eat a fresh lobster, straight from the shell
5. Lose forty trillion pounds
6. Learn to drive a stick shift
7. Own an iPod

Things I HAVE done at some point in my life:
1. Speak to a dead turtle in the middle of the road
2. Count to twenty in Russian
3. Eat frog legs
4. Accidentally fart in public after a big sneeze
5. Get in an accident so bad my car flipped over three times and landed upside down
6. Discover at mid-day that I accidentally put on some of my clothes wrong-side-out.


big Jenn said...

Does it count when you repeat the things you have done again because you can't remember doing it the first time? jeNN

Anonymous said...

Things I haven't done would include #5( but working on it ) and #7

As for what I have done( in addition to the above )#4 is never an accident, heh, heh; #5 was close and if it hadn't been for the guardrail...and eventually I'll learn some more Russian (or does swearing "count"? heh, heh )

Brian Miller said...

talking to the dead turtle is kinda cool...and dont worry, i dont do well with stick either...

Anonymous said...

Never have lost any socks, have eaten fresh lobster and sailed the ocean - not planning on doing any of the others.

Have done number 6, skipped the rest. Sorry about #5 I trust you were not badly hurt -

Jeff said...

I actually have slept in McDonald's parking lots a few times during long road trips. I prefer taking short naps in the parking lot vs permanent naps in the ditch.

Mr. Knucklehead said...

How do you NOT have an iPod? Isn't that a law now?

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I've everything at the top of your list except lose a trillion pounds. Need to, but it's not working out for me.

I've also done everything on the bottom part of your list except count to 20 in Russian and eat frog legs. I can say, "Nyet kartofler," and "Da, vodka," though. I think that's Russian for no potatoes and yes, vodka, two of the most useful Russian phrases.

Not that you care what I've done relative to what you've done. I just like to talk. about. myself.

Janna said...

bigJenn: I think it still counts, though I may have to check Wikipedia to make sure.

Subby: The nice thing about #4 is at least you can pretend it was an accident.

Brian: It's nice to know that there are guys out there who have trouble driving stick shifts. All this time I wondered if maybe it was some sort of Y-chromosome thing.

Grace: Despite rolling my car three times and landing upside down, I came out relatively unscathed. I had some scrapes and scratches, and I had bruised ribs. If I hadn't been wearing my seatbelt, I might have ended up being thrown through the windshield.

Jeff: Good choice!

Mr.Knucklehead: Shhhh. Don't tell anyone. I don't want to end up in Guantanemo.

No potatoes: никакой картофель.
Yes, vodka: да, водка!
Too Many Mornings: слишком много утра.
Forty trillion pounds: сорок триллионов фунтов.
My knee is dry and crispy: мое колено сухо и хрустящее.

VE said...

Let's see...I've done No's 1,2,3,6,7...not bad.

Of your dones...3,4,6

Janna said...

VE: I'm surprised you haven't done everything on both of them! You, of all people, traveling the world and seizing life by the horns... or whatever you seize life by these days.

Anonymous said...

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