Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Jannapedia continues....

ONANONA: Trying to say "Oklahoma" while the dentist is busy working on your teeth but still talking to you anyway.

WAMBOO: A wombat made of bamboo.

MITUPS: Doing pushups while wearing mittens.

TENTSOL: Air fresheners to use when your tent gets sprayed by a skunk.

BUSLORP: A really messy burp.

ADICIDIN: Really messed up acid.

ERVIS: Elvis's long-lost younger brother who played the bassoon.

NICAL: Five nicals are wurth a corder.

DISTBR: A distributor who isn't very good at his job.

LITALER: Not bigger.

CREDAR: Cheddar cheese you bought with a credit card.

VAINT: When you're so vain, you briefly lose consciousness.

EXALO: When you used to be a buffalo, but now you're not.


clean and crazy said...

i hate it when the dentist tries to talk to me with my mouth full!!! that is too cute, hey i wanted to let you know, today is g-mans birthday and he is feeling a bit under the weather. my goal is this i posted a birthday card on my blog and i would like to invite as many flash 55 players to copy the card and post it on their blogs, maybe with tonight's 55. he won't be checking up on what we are doing until then, so we can give him a cyber birthday surprise. ok i have a lot more bloggers to hit up have a great day!!

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud at mitups, grinned at tentsol, ervis and litaler...You are so clever

Nessa said...

These were funny.

Car Goes Boom

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I'm not vaint, because I can't do mitups. I can't even do pushups. It's because I bought too much credar and, like Ervis and his brother, gained so much weight that I look like a buffalo. I'd like to look more like an exalo, of course, but I just seem to keep getting bigger instead of litaler. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to buslorp. I had Mexican for lunch.

Mr. Knucklehead said...

Those are all great. Now I play my own Jannapedia game where I try to guess the definition before reading it (it's a lot harder than guessing the definition AFTER reading it). I got a few of these right, but I thought DISTBR was going to be a dustbuster that sucked up most of its own letters.

Janna said...

CleanAndCrazy: It's amazing that the dentist doesn't realize just how awkward that is... or maybe he DOES, and he's just toying with us. :)

Grace: I think my favorites are Wamboo, Nical, and Exalo. :)

Nessa: I'm glad! :)

MikeWJ: LOL! :) You're on Adicidin, aren't you?

Mr.Knucklehead: What fun! I like the dustbuster idea. :)

Mojo said...

Oh I do this too, I just never took the time to write them down. I think my favorites to date were "MEATO" and "ORGIST".

Of these though, I think "ERVIS" takes the taco.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I am. I'm sorry. I got it cheap from a distbr, who only charged me a nical for it instead of the usual corder. It's bad stuff. I keep seeing a scary wamboo in my tent, which smells bad anyway and needs some tentsol.

Janna said...

Mojo: LOL! Meato! Orgist! I love it!

MikeWJ: If you listen closely, you can hear the wamboo singing the soundtrack to Onanona... (!!)

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Yes, I hear it now. It's lovely, isn't it?

Marla said...

I am from Oklahoma so now ya got me thinking. What would it sound liek if I tried to sing Oklahoma while the dentist was a drillin?

Janna said...

Marla: Mostly it would just sound like "zzzzZZZZzz Whirrrr WhIRRRR Zzzzz zzzZZZrrrrrrrr Ooooklahoma where the ZZZzzWRRRRR..."

Janna said...

MikeWJ: It sounds like he rehearsed a LOT, just for you!! I hope you pay him well.