Monday, November 16, 2009

Have the plunger ready, just in case

Things I promise not to do if I happen to wander
into your bathroom at three in the morning:

1. Sing Broadway show tunes in the shower
2. Use up the last of the toilet paper
3. Tap on the floors, squeak repeatedly, and say "Am I a mouse yet? How about now?"
4. Stand in the doorway and whisper recipes for mixed drinks
5. Clear my throat and say loudly, "It's ok; I'm not hungry or anything, don't get up...."
6. Plug up the toilet (Well, hopefully not on purpose, anyway.)


Jeff said...

Did your dentist use a lot of mercury in your fillings when you were a kid?

Marla said...

Obviously, you know my sisters.

Janna said...

Jeff: Does that make people sing Broadway show tunes in the shower?

Marla: I'm afraid to ask which of these things they have done! :o

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I think I might be missing a really good story here somewhere. One that you might be reluctant to tell, especially since you know your mother could be reading your blog.

Anyway, I'd actually enjoy it if you came over to my house and started singing Broadway tunes at 3 a.m. I'm often up anyway, and although I don't like Broadway tunes as a rule, I think it would be very funny if that happened. Maybe not every night, mind you, but once in a while. You could sing, "Midnight, and the kitties are screaming," or whatever that famous tune is. That would be VERY funny. Once in a while.

Janna said...

MikeWJ: LOL! "Mid-niiiight, not a sound from the paaaave-ment...." you mean that one? I'll start memorizing the words. Be sure to leave the door unlocked.

Jeff said...

Don't know about that... but I've been told it causes dain bramage.

Marilyn said...

I guess I'd better go clean the bathroom... and really, my toilet doesn't do so well under normal circumstances, so be careful.

VE said...

Don't forget about not cleaning the grout with that person's toothbrush and then putting it back.

Janna said...

Jeff: Dain bramage, broadway tunes in the shower, same thing. :)

Marilyn: Here's hoping!

VE: (!!!) Wow! What a great... er, I mean, right, I would never ever do something like that...

Unfinished Rambler said...

Especially like No. 2. You can do all the rest...well, not particularly No. 6, but the rest are fine.

But No. 2 definitely a no-no.

Janna said...

UnfinishedRambler: You must use a lot of toilet paper...! For you, then, I could hide in the doorway and try selling you some when the other rolls run out. Hey, at three in the morning, it's totally worth five bucks a roll, right?
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