Monday, October 5, 2009

Things the letters PEACH could stand for

1. Physicians Examined A Colon Haphazardly
2. Prying Eyes Are Coming Here
3. Pintos Exist Around Chili Heat
4. Please Excuse Arlene's Common Household
5. Phil's Extravagances Are Clearly Huge
6. Pasta Empire: Alfredo Cheesy Happiness
7. Perhaps Everyone Actually Collects Ham


Jamie said...

You forgot:

Pummel Egrets At Chicago Hotels

Pitiable Elephants Arrange Cramping Hosiery

Paluline's Ecydiastic Attitudes Caused Hamstrings

Janna said...

Jamie: Thanks to you, I learned a new word today!
From the online dictionary: "ec·dys·i·ast: n. A striptease artist."
(I figured that's what you must have meant, since "Ecydiastic" wasn't in there anywhere. :)
I can't wait to start using this word in polite conversation with strangers! :)

Anonymous said...

Poorly Executed All Compatability Hurts.

Pressure Excuses Avian Cobalt Harmony.

Please Enlist: Army Chow Humble

Janna said...

Permanently Everlasting Armpits = Copious Hair!

Anonymous said...

Janna, ahem...great now everbody knows!-LOL!

Pleasure Expected At Coffee House!

Janna said...

*People Expect Air-Conditioned Hotels
*Personality: Eccentric And Crazy (Hehahahee!)
*Presbyterians, Episcopalians, And Catholics? Huh?
*Perturbed? Expect A Condolence Hug!

Anonymous said...

Perplexing Erroneous Augmented Cannabalistic Hippos!!

More later gotta get ready for work or:

Practicality Ends And Cash Hastens!

Janna said...

Please Eliminate All Compulsive Habits...

Anonymous said...

Pelham Egomaniacs Are Creative Hampsters

Plummeting Erasers Abolish Carnival hair!

Jeff said...

Photos exposing a crappy hairstyle

Anonymous said...

@Jeff, HA! Perfect Even After Choosing Hamburger!

Politician Elected After Charming Hillary!

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Please Eat All Carrots Happily

Purchase Eggs And Cheese Hurriedly

Pedantic Eggheads Are Chumps, Huh?

Hey, all three of my whatever these are called have food in them. Time for dinner!

Janna said...

Pride Exists Among Colonial Hobos

Perhaps Every Actor's Cheeks Hurt

Punch Eleven Alligators, Cry Horribly

Paste-Eaters Always Chew Harder