Thursday, August 20, 2009

More from the Jannapedia

FINGLY: When your fingers get tingly because you fell asleep on your side with your hand smashed underneath you.

GLINGLY: When the same thing happens to Glinda the good witch.

HYLLO: The aliens didn't greet us with perfect spelling, but we were polite anyway because they were carrying ray guns.

KOARDS: I kan play gittar reel well! Heer, lissen to theez koards!

INALING: The word "inhaling", where the "h" is missing because someone breathed a little too deeply...

URRIES: Flurries that are so bad you can't even see the first two letters.

SESSEMAS: A holiday where people eat a lot of sesame seeds.

VIRATO: Vibrato which shook so much that the "b" fell out.

IATHUME: Yeth, Thir! May I athume you want chipth and thaltha with your burrito?

HOTSIONA: A cheaper version of burnt siena.

ANTST: The angst suffered by ants when you ruin their anthills.

SAFTI: Alweez be karefull. Safti furst! Wait, what did that big red sign say?

COPHI: Of korse, if yu kant spel, at leest yu kan stil drink yur cophi. With kreem and shugr.


Avitable said...

"Urries" - genius!

Anonymous said...

I simply cannot pick a favorite - they are all excellent...and funny.

Janna said...

Avitable: There are usually plenty of Urries around Sessemas time.

Grace: I think my favorite is either Hyllo or Antst.

Lynda said...

Sometimes the anti-spam words I get make me think, "How would Janna define this?"

Janna said...

Lynda: They're pretty fun sometimes! :)

JD at I Do Things said...

HAHAHA! "Antst." I imagine they would feel a bit peeved. Still, anthills were made to be stomped on.

Anonymous said...

You want me to pick favorites? Okay - inaling, urries, vibrato and maybe, lets see - iathume. There - pfffbt!

Jeff said...

I think antst is the angst suffered by not being able to get rid of the hoards of sugar ants that invade my house every spring.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

This is brilliant! I especially like ANTST: The angst suffered by ants when you ruin their anthills. Very creative.....

Janna said...

JD: It's always strange how their first inclination is to just go ahead and start building a new one. If I was an ant whose home had just been stomped on, with 500 of my associates getting killed, I'd probably pack my little ant suitcase and go stay in a hotel somewhere.
Not a roach motel, though... that would be bad.

Grace: Hee! :)

Jeff: Also true!

MikeWJ: I like that one. :)

whall said...

Inaling: what you are once you enter something known as a "ling"

yours are so much better

Janna said...

Whall: To the best of my knowledge, I've never been in a ling, but I guess there's still time to try. Should I go to China?