Monday, August 10, 2009

I might also be deficient in sleep, but it didn't rhyme

There are nights when I just can not think
As the summertime farms sleep and stink
Fajitas sound good
More than Brussels sprouts would
Perhaps I'm deficient in zinc
There are times when my brain's in disguise
Shrinking down to a walnut-like size
My ideas are gone
(Maybe out on the lawn...?)
I should hire some cranial spies
There are days when my words go away
Which is why I've got nothing today
Except bags full of trash
(How I wish they held cash)
And a link to Raspberry Beret


whall said...

There are blogs that I simply "must read"
It's more than a motto or creed.
Janku's are devine
But more often I find
Jannapedia's just made me peed.

Jeff said...

Here, let me try one of these:

There was a blogger from Nantucket...

Sorry, that's the extent of my poetic capabilities. Looks like I could use some cranial spies myself.

Anonymous said...

I was never/am not a Prince fan but I always liked Raspberry Beret. Thanks for a little hopping and bopping in my chair music this morning.

Janna said...

Whall: If only everyone appreciated me as much as you claim to. :) LOL.

There once was a blog from a cloud,
Its owner receding and proud.
He has pictures of ham
Which look better than spam
Though I'm afraid to admit it out loud.

Grace: Yay! :) You're welcome.

Travis said...

I like those!

Janna said...

Travis: Yay! I'm glad. My poetry posts usually get the least amount of comments, which is kind of discouraging. But it's nice to see that some people get a kick out of them. :)