Thursday, June 4, 2009

More from the Jannapedia

(You're taking the time to memorize all of these, aren't you?
There may be a quiz later.)

SPERA: Buddy, can you spera dime?

RHERRULP: Just a minute; Scooby's trying to say something....

UNLICK: Once you've licked something, you can't unlick it. Which is unfortunate if the thing you just licked was really gross.

NONSU: Ginsu knives that don't exist.

PRAVO: Found in a dyslexic review of a really good opera.

MATION: Well, we wanted to do CLAYmation, but some stupid two-year-old just ate all the clay....

PHOLYO: Kom see my port-pholyo. Wil yu hire me?

BARQU: A barbeque where someone killed a bee.

SHTOPS: Brakes help you to be a pershon who shtops at the shtop shign.

PIECIST: Someone who discriminates against certain pieces of pie.

COMPA: A company that has downsized.

COHYST: A hysterical co-host.

AFRECA: We lurnd abowt Afreca in skool today but I dident relly pay atenshun.


Da Old Man said...

Compa-a company that has downsized. LOL

whall said...

That which has been licked, cannot be unlicked.

VE said...

You better not mention to Bee about the know how she can get...

Janna said...

DaOldMan: I think my favorites are "Rherrulp", "Unlick", and "Nonsu".

Whall: Usually trying to unlick it just makes things worse...

VE: Especially when it's "honey" barbecue. :)

metalmom said...

HAHAHA!!! "mation"!!!!

Janna said...

Metalmom: Hee! It's funny because it's probably true. :)