Sunday, June 21, 2009

I prefer fifties and twenties

Quick post about the new Mountain Dew flavors....

The new flavors are called "Game Fuel", and they're affiliated with World of Warcraft.

One is "Citrus Cherry Flavor", the other is "Punch Of Wild Fruit" flavor.

Both are disappointing. Neither have much flavor at all.
Don't waste your money.

Instead, spend your money on gas for the car, or BK mushroom swiss steakhouse burgers, or prescription medication, or, better yet, just give ME any money you're ever tempted to spend on anything.
Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

The best is still the original Mtn. Dew. It's all I drink :)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Thom on this, except diet Mountain Dew. Hey, it's got more caffeine than that other soft-drink...

Lynda said...

I tried the blue one at Taco Bell. At least, I think it was this. I found it to be somewhat of a cross between really flat Sprite and mineral water. I don't like either.

Marilyn said...

And really, how much fuel do you need to play WOW?

Travis said...

You forgot TACOs and CAKE.

Janna said...

Thom: It IS good. I used to drink A LOT of it every day.

Subtorp77: Caffeine is good! Yay for caffeine! Ooooh, look! Something shiny! Wanna race me to Canada and back? Sleep? What's that?

Lynda: Oh, I agree... the Baja Dew isn't very good. Not much flavor at all. It's supposed to be tropical, I guess, but I sure didn't think so.

Marilyn: LOL! So true. :)

Travis: But then you'd have no money left to send me! :o