Friday, May 15, 2009

That sound you're hearing is my sugar buzz... or maybe the TV... or... look, a bird!!

Want people to drink some weird mysterious concoction you just invented? Stick it in a can and put the Pepsi logo on it! Make sure it's cold! People will buy it in six packs and 24 packs and... do they make 48 and 64 packs, or am I thinking of crayons?

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I tried that new "Pepsi Throwback" stuff. The idea behind it is that it uses real genuine sugar (like it had back in the old days) instead of HCFS (high fructose corn syrup).
I guess I never realized there was a taste difference between the two sweeteners, but there IS.
The "real" sugar in the Throwback version tastes cleaner and less syrupy, less overwhelming.
I recommend it for any of you sodaphiles out there.
Now that I've tried it and liked it, the old HFCS version just tastes kinda nasty, like bug guts that have been simmering in a pot of honey mixed with sunscreen.

Usually I don't drink much soda anyway; I'm still hooked on tea.
I hear there's a new brand of tea called "Swiss Premium", or something like that, which uses real sugar instead of HFCS. I'm looking forward to trying it. Eventually it'd be nice if I could learn to like unsweetened tea, so I can avoid that whole calorie/sugar/guilt thing altogether. But in the meantime, meh.

In a few minutes, I plan to try the Mountain Dew Throwback, just so I can start the weekend on a caffeine surge.

Bizarre thought: I once had lavender flavored ice cream. And it really wasn't bad at all. I wonder what lavender flavored coke/pepsi would taste like.


DouglasDyer said...

That picture is just a classic case of avoiding the middle man. Pour the coke straight in the toilet and give my kidneys a freaking break.

Da Old Man said...

I asked Mrs to get me some. Need to try it, now. Thanks for doing the taste test

whall said...

Whoa. I like Pepsi the way it is now, so I'm just sitting here dreaming how good it will taste in a throwback-sort-of-way.

Anonymous said...

Mountain Dew Throwback...Yikes...I'll stick to the original thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Snapple just put out a tea drink with real sugar - you might want to look for that...I drink my tea, hot or cold, unsweetened, but I think I may be in the minority...

Travis said...

It makes sense that real sugar would make something taste better.

Janna said...

DouglasDyer: You may be right. Some of those chemicals sound downright intimidating.

DaOldMan: I didn't know you could drink sugary stuff! ...?

Whall: Good luck!

Thom: Really? It's actually pretty decent....

Grace: Snapple tea is good too. Haven't tried the "real sugar" variety yet, but it sounds promising.

Travis: Exactly! :)