Saturday, May 9, 2009

Now I'll have to actually, like, read books and stuff

My ISP is still doing weird stuff, sort of like someone who pours barbecue sauce into your panties while you're waiting for the red light to change and you're surprised because you didn't even know someone was in your back seat at the time and you can't remember the last time you bought that particular brand of barbecue sauce.

Pardon me while I change clothes.

Now, as I was saying, both in the previous paragraph and in my previous post, my ISP is back to doing its freakazoid thing where I can't view most websites anymore. I can connect just fine, but usually get an error when I try going anywhere. Even common high-traffic places like e-bay, Twitter, Google, YouTube, and the BBC news.

Often I can't even view my blog at all, and when I do, the banner is gone, as are all the other images and widgets.
Even getting to my dashboard and my "create new post" page has been an ordeal fraught with dozens of error messages. It took many attempts to be able to type this and post it.
I tried uploading a screencap of the error. Ironically, it gave me the error ten times while I was trying to upload it. Eventually it seemed to work, but the picture isn't showing up, so I dunno.

I'd blame it on the computer, except (1) the computer is practically new, and (2) This is just something my ISP "does" every so often. Thankfully it only happens a couple times a year, but when it does happen, it's frustrating. I know from experience that if I call them, they will either feign innocence or say some vague thing about server trouble. Service inevitably remains elusive every time, and the problem just sort of goes away after a few days.

So, that's why I need to Google maps to their houses and go buy interesting brands of barbecue sauce.
Except.... I can't Google....

Anyway, if you don't hear from me tomorrow (or the day after that), this is probably why.
Think of it as a Janna-free vacation.
Without pay, of course.


Anonymous said...

Oh No Not a Janna-free vacation LOL. I hope it gets resolved soon for you. Maybe it's Blooger? Have a good weekend :)

Janna said...

Thom: No, it can't be Blogger; unfortunately it happens with other sites too. Google, E-Bay, YouTube, Twitter, the BBC... everywhere.

Travis said...

What a wonky problem to have. If I thought it would help, I'd eat some extra TACOs and three or four pieces of CAKE.

Well, I might just do that anyway. And if it does happen to help...BONUS!

Janna said...

Travis: Eat more.... it's still not working! I keep getting "Address Not Found" errors. Can't even view the Manic Monday site to see what the theme is this week. Can't log in to the HumorBloggers site. Can't read the BBC news. It's a miracle I can even comment here. I am in the Twilight Zone while the rest of cyberspace marches merrily onward without me...

Da Old Man said...

The blogoshpere misses you. Come back soon.

Janna said...

DaOldMan: You can help, by calling my ISP and threatening them with bodily harm if they don't shape up. Tell them you'll send the New Jersey mafia. You have connections, right?