Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Various Thoughts

1. They can make paper out of wombat poop now. Just think of the possibilities! For example, they could be used to make.... um.... well.... Scratch and Sniff cards that say "Happy Wombat Day, Grandma!"

2. I've decided that I want to start collecting shark's teeth. No reason. Where does one find shark's teeth in Michigan?

3. Wondering how to decorate your next cake? Here, just make it shaped like a giant nose with stuff coming out of it.

4. It's raining right now and I can't help feeling like I'm in a little corner of the universe where someone just turned on a really big lawn sprinkler.

5. Bonus haiku I wrote, just for you:

Craving hot breadsticks
Dripping in deliciousness
Not phallic, I swear


Da Old Man said...

Thanks for that haiku. Now I can never eat a breadstick.

And pretzel rods make me slightly uncomfortable.

Marilyn said...

Sometimes a breadstick is just a breadstick.

Anonymous said...

LOL...I will never look at breadsticks in the same light. Hmmm sharks teeth in Michigan ... thinking thinking LOL Oh and PS Grandma...don't forget to scratch and sniff as well :) ROFLMAO

VE said...

Ha! Nice. But I think you're lying on that haiku...

Hey, I gave you full credit today on your job as VE imposter. Feel free to link it up and share your fantastical work with your audience should you desire! Nice job, that was a lot of fun.

whall said...

My fear of shark teeth
Runs so deep it makes me cringe.
Not phallic, I swear.

Janna said...

DaOldMan: What about corn on the cob?

Marilyn: Hee! Poor Freud...

Thom: Every grandma wants a scratch-and-sniff wombat poop card!

VE: Welcome home! The natives were getting restless!

Whall: Don't fear the shark teeth, fear the shark attached to them. :)