Monday, April 27, 2009

Hopefully Canada will forgive me

This past winter was pretty cold. Colder than usual.
I found myself actually shivering and wearing multiple layers for warmth.

This is unheard of in the Jannaverse.

I'd always been that chick who HATES hot weather and LOVES each and every arctic blast of winter.
Blizzards were thrilling.
Wind chill was an exciting friend.
And, come on, who really needs to be able to feel their extremities ALL the time?

Yet, last winter, I was forced to admit that there really is such a thing as "too cold".
I say this with a healthy amount of shame and embarrassment, since this certainly means I have lost the respect of polar bears, penguins, harp seals, and Canadians.

I'm curious to see if this means I'll be more tolerant of warm weather.
That'd come in handy, since I have no air conditioning and am usually reduced to a melted bubbling puddle of grease by the time August arrives. (You have no idea how hard it is to get that stain out of the carpet.)

If, however, I find that I still hate hot weather, I will know that I have officially become one of "those" people. The ones who have something to complain about no matter what the temperature is.
This should be exciting, from a blogging standpoint. Eventually all my posts will end up saying one of two things:

1. It was too cold today.
2. It was too hot today.

Maybe, as time progresses, there can be a few alternate options:

3. It was too rainy today.
4. It was too sunny today.
5. What's that smell?
6. I'm going to come live in your back yard.
7. Today tasted like strawberries.
It's comforting to know that as I age, I am under no obligation to make sense.


Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Well, Janna, I am a Canadian, through and through, and I will admit that there is definitely such a thing as TOO cold. For sure, eh. As I get older, I am more and more convinced that we will be moving to a warmer climate, because I don't think I can survive another winter here, even if they are supposedly getting warmer...

Janna said...

Mary: What part of Canada? How cold is it there right now? I hear some places are still getting snow.

Jamie said...

I've been in places where it was 94 degrees at two in the morning. Hot is not good. Too cold is curable by adding more and more layers. It's a little harder when you are too hot once you get to nude.

Mike said...

I'm Canadian and it's ok for you to be too cold.

You're a wimpy American.

Mary seems to be part american.

Wintertime just means eating more whale blubber and putting on the seal skins.

Also, you can crawl inside a polar bears butt.

They don't mind. They actually kind of like it.

Just some helpful canadian tips.

Janna said...

Jamie: I completely agree that HOT is not good. Anything above 70 has always been uncomfortable for me. And anything over 80 is pure misery.

Mike: But I wasn't always this way! I wasn't always a wuss! I used to LOVE arctic weather! It's just this year that I have suddenly become pathetic.
(P.S. Is it wrong that I can't get the polar bear thing out of my head?)

Da Old Man said...

I'm going to buy a Winnebago and travel across the country constantly seeking 60-75 degrees.

Colder than that hurts, warmer is just annoying and uncomfortable.

Marilyn said...

Well, for a person who doesn't like too warm you live in a pretty good spot. You'd really like the climate here... except for the too cold part. Nobody here has air conditioning. 80 is about as warm as it gets.

Janna said...

DaOldMan: I think my comfort zone is probably somewhere between 45 and 65.
Maybe I should move to Canada after all.

Marilyn: If I got too warm, I could just have a helicopter drop me off on one of the snowy mountaintops. Hopefully they would remember to pick me up eventually.

whall said...

My back yard is always open. shoot, for you, the FRONT yard is available too. There's 3.5 acres ready for you, only 1 acre of which is occupied by my SUV. It has to be big enough to hold my ego. And the dogs.

Venom said...

Here in Canada's navel, it is too damn hot in the summer and too damn cold in the winter. (Spring & fall are okay though.)

On behalf of my country & our artci wildlife, you are officially forgiven.

Mariposa said...

I think I'd die there...sending you some warm hugs!

maryt/theteach said...

You've got it exactly right, Janna! As you age, you can't deal with extremes anymore! Ha! :)

Canada Realtor said...

Well, it sure gets pretty cold sometimes in Canada, but nothing that can't be cured by a nice warm sweater and a big mug of hot chocolate:) Personally, I don't mind the cold or the snow. I actually love when it snows, it's always so quit and relaxing.

Take care and stay warm, Julie

Janna said...

Whall: Can I drive the SUV?

Venom: Thank you! :)

Mariposa: Send me an air conditioner for the summer, and a down blanket for the winter!

Mary: Thanks for confirming my suspicions that I am getting rapidly older with every passing moment.

CanadaRealtor: Hot chocolate sounds good! And yes, snow can definitely be beautiful. As long as I'm not driving in it. :)

Travis said...

Uhm...there was a time when you were obligated to make sense? I must have come in late.


Janna said...

Travis: I think I was obligated to make sense back in 1978, for a few months during second grade.